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Plywood Composer Manufacturer

Composer machine equipment has many advantages, which can help enterprises to produce high-efficiency products


6 Features of Plywood Composer

1. Increase production efficiency

The general splicing machine has the shortcomings of low sheet output rate and slow speed. The high-frequency splicing machine can reach 5-10 times that of the conventional splicing machine.

2. Efficient production

With high frequency bonding, the glue can be cured in only 1-3 minutes. When the temperature is lower, the speed of ordinary seaming will be slowed down, and the efficiency of high-frequency seaming is greatly improved compared with the traditional seaming equipment.

3. Stability and flatness

The high-frequency equipment has good stability and flatness, and its high-temperature and high-pressure equipment can also be used for sterilization and insect removal.

4. Easy to load and unload

Conventional seaming equipment requires manual lifting of the board to a high position for rotary processing, which is time-consuming and inefficient. High-frequency joint device, automatic loading and unloading, plane operation, saving labor.

5. More energy saving

As we all know, the splicing process requires high temperature and pressure. These are very power-consuming steps. Power consumption is often a headache for many companies. High-frequency equipment consumes only 15-30 degrees of power per cubic plate.

6. Reduce waste

The traditional method will make a lot of glue fall on the drum or on the ground, causing waste and pollution of the working environment. The high-frequency splicing machine can spray the glue evenly on the surface of the wood-coated board, adjust the amount of glue properly, and reduce the overflow of the glue under the premise of ensuring the bonding strength.

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