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30 Openings Plywood Hot Press

Hot selling multi opening hot laminate press for plywood machine. The series of hot press machine apply to processing furniture ,film faced plywood.You can use it to press the plywood plank or laminate the wood veneer, film paper or melamine paper on plywood ,chipboard or MDF.


30 Openings Plywood Hot Press of Specification

30 ayers hot press  Specification


30 Openings 600T

Total pressure 


Board feeding direction 



30 layers

Layer spacing 


Hot press plate

Number of hot press plate:31pcs

Size:2700*1350*42(single inlet and outlet)


Cylinder for hot press machine (3pcs)


Wuxi cylinder

Seal:4pcs rubber seals per pcs of cylinder


Hydraulic system for hot press machine

Compression resistance:25Mpa

Low pressure pump flowing:315ML/R

High pressure pump flowing:31ML/R

Motor power:18.5kw+18.5kw+18.5kw

Closing time:36s

Overall dimension 



About 65T

Heating treatment

Thickness of the frame

Composite frame:Assemble

Upper and bottom beam:1200mm and 1100mm

Main boby:30mm,Q235

Middle beam:500mm

Table lift(gantry-type) (with roller chains)+one set of power roller(1500*2100mm)

Overall dimension:4155*1100x6500MM

Working stroke:4600mm

Weight:About 2.5T

Load bearing:About 2T


30 openings

Overall dimension:4000*2050*5600MM

Weight:About 6.2T


30 openings,with 4 pcs fans+for two veneer

Overall dimension:3350*2700*4600MM

Weight:About 3.2T

Automatic constant temperature system (2sets)

DN40 steam pump,other valves(2sets)

We suggest that Process above 3mm-25mm veneer

5 Features Of Plywood Heat Press

1) Simple combined structure ,easy for transportation, installation and maintenance
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in hydraulic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.
3) Lifting cylinder to accelerate the closing and opening time and with much less working noise.
4) Running in a high automation and Intelligent, no pollution 
5) Working with the pressure detector system and controlled system running by solenoid valve.

Unloading System

The hot press daylight and thickness of hot plates which decides how much the height of each layers. Discharging rack is made of the main frame , fan, axial flow fan, pulley frame, pulley support plate and support circular tubes.

Unloading System

After the press finishing, the boards will be took manually, plate in artificial falling into the drying plate rack, the direction of plate limit lever block board does not run out of the air board frame, rebound institutions closed to prevent plate rebound back to hot pressing machine, fan automatically open, to lower die before publication, artificial board.

1. Keep the center line of the drying rack and hot plates.

2. According to the figure, checking the plane position of the discharging rack.

3. Adjust the discharging position.

4. Adjust the horizontal height to keep pulley of bus bar and the hot plates on the same plane.

5. To weld the discharging rack and hot press.

6. Install the fan.

Plywood Heat Press

Lifter(Gantry type)

Lift is made of ①Column, ②upper beam, ③wire rope, ④insurance mechanism, ⑤ oil cylinder, ⑥guide seat assembly, ⑦platform, ⑧buffer column, oil circuit system and electric control.(Picture3)

Plywood Hot Press Machine

1.To clean the surface of the foundation and check the ground height is 660mm and the position of installation which the error is less than 2mm.

2. To install the column first, adjust the column frame inner size is 3240 (4 * 8 feet 3540) and the error is ±2. The column and ground vertical degree is less than 5 mm, and then welding to fix with the steel plate and connect to the hot press .

3. To fix the crossbeam with the help of the forklift truck and then install the wire rope.

4. To fix the platform with the guide pad and ensure that the surface of the platform is flat with the ground. And then lock the wire rope.

5. After adjustment, weld to the embedded iron directly.

6. To install the tubing and wiring.

Loader system

1. Frame-type base

With two parallel rigid structures, supporting the entire automatic feed rack. The bottom hole is drilled by the foot screw hole and the whole base is fixed to the ground.

2. Main frame

Using a detachable structure, the top and bottom are rigid rectangular frames, which are connected by four parallel columns. The vertical column and the upper and lower frame are connected by thread. The lower end of the main frame is provided with four supporting wheels, which can be pushed out of the whole board frame when the maintenance test is mounted or the stainless steel plate of the hot press is replaced, and the maintenance space is given out.

3. Moving Rack

Adopt the gantry-type, the both ends of the drive shaft fixed transmission gear which makes the power transmission to both sides of the synchronous rotary shaft.

4. Feeding Rack

The plate rack is used for conveying the slab into the hot plate of the press. The front end is fixed to the walking frame by the t-screw, and the rear end is supported by the nylon support wheel on the main frame.

5. Baffle Rack

Install the front end of the main frame, and rely on the forward power of the feeder rack to lift the baffle frame forward, and then drop it back to the baffle position with its own gravity.

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