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Roller Face Veneer Dryer

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  • Plywood Core Veneer Roller Dryer for Veneer Production Line
    The veneer dryer has a compact structure and a small footprint, which is one-half of the single-drum drying area of the same output. It works reliably, has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good material drying effect, and is easy to realize automation. control, fewer operators.
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  • Plywood Face Veneer Roller Dryer
    Face veneer dryer has the merits of high productivity, energy efficiency, lowest drying cost and perfect drying effect. Veneer dryer eliminate heat loss by directly heating air and supply to the dryer instead of indirectly heating of oil or water. Wood.
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  • Veneer Dryer For Face
    Face veneer dryer machine (MESH AND ROLLER COMBINED),Welcome to inquiry.
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  • Veneer Face Roller Dryer
    Veneer Face Roller Dryer is the main equipment for producing plywood, also called Roller Veneer Dryer. The moisture content of the veneer that has just been peeled off is very high. The veneer dryer is mainly used for drying the veneer. It is an economical and small loss to the board to reduce...
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