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Hydraulic Hot Press For Pallet Wood

20 Openings 800tons Hydraulic Hot Press for Pallet Wood is one of main products in our company,welcome to inquiry.


Hot Press Is Used To Produce Various Plywood

Furniture plywood

Construction plywood

Marine plywood

Film-covered plywood

Decorative plywood

Structure Of Hot Press Machine:


Hot plate

Hydraulic station

Oil cylinder

According to the actual situation, it can be different pressure and number of layers, such as 500t-1200t, 10-50 layers.

1: Oil cylinder

The oil cylinder is rust-proof, alloy casting treatment, high hardness, scratch resistance, suitable for high-strength operations, and uses a good oil seal to prevent leakage, ensure the pressure in the cylinder, and have good performance.

2: Hot plate

Usually 42mm or 52mm is used for the hot pressing plate, and the hot pressing plate is processed by a large lathe to make the surface smooth and have sufficient strength and rigidity. No deformation at high temperature, uniform temperature and heat. This allows the plywood to be uniformly heated, the surface is flat, and the thermal efficiency is high, thereby improving production efficiency.

3: Hydraulic station

The hydraulic station is an important part of the press. Our hydraulic station is designed by our engineers. The hydraulic system is reasonably designed to save energy. All hydraulic components are arranged reasonably, neatly and beautifully. All components such as solenoid valves and hydraulic pumps are well used. 

Parameters As Following

Items model




Rated pressure


Hot press plate size


Disdance of hot platens


Number of hot press plate




Closing time


Total motor power


Overall dimension




Heating material

Water,steam or oil


1. Prevent the hot plate from tilting.

2. Prevent deformation of the hot plate.

Electric control system

1. PLC and touch screen control circuit.

2. Relay control circuit.

Heating method

1. Electric heating with thermal oil.

2. Steam exchange heating heat transfer oil.

3. Use electric heating oil and steam to heat together.

4. The heat source is provided by the buyer.

Hot pressing plate protection material

1. High temperature resistant resin film.

2. Stainless steel plate.

3. Cushion pad.

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