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Woodworking Wood Hydraulic Cold Press Machine

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Cold presses are pressing machinery. It mainly uses hydraulic pressure to press various wooden products and materials together until they are firmly bonded. A strong and durable bond is formed, which is initially shaped and then pressed into a heat press.

What is a wood hydraulic cold press?

The machine is composed of a sturdy frame to ensure its operational stability and service life. It is used in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber (LVL). LVL is an engineered wood product made from thin layers of wood. It is equipped with hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to the veneer layers, resulting in a flat and compact panel. The main structure is welded with thick steel plates and undergoes special surface treatment.

One of the main features of this device is its user-friendly control system. Touch screen independent control cabinet with manual and automatic modes. The automatic mode allows the machine to complete the process from veneer feeding to finished plywood being sucked out of the machine, saving manpower and time.

Advantages of Using a Wood Hydraulic Cold Press Machine


Woodworking plywood cold press machines are highly efficient and can produce high-quality plywood in a short time. Standard sizes of platens are 4x8ft, 5x5ft, 3x6ft, or can be customized. It is ideal for producing large quantities of plywood of different sizes and thicknesses. Such as floors, furniture and walls. and other related industries.

Improve product quality

The machine has an automatic glue application system that uses a roller to evenly apply glue on the surface of the veneer. It also has a heating system that ensures the glue cures properly, ensuring the ultimate strength of the plywood produced.

Increase production speed

One of the main advantages of using a hydraulic cold press for wood is that it increases production speed. The machine can press multiple pieces of wood at once, reducing the time required to produce laminated veneer lumber. This means woodworkers can produce more products in less time, increasing throughput and profitability.

One of the most important steps in the process of manufacturing plywood is the pressing process. This is when wood boards are bonded together under high pressure to form a sticky and strong plywood. xhcwoodmachine strictly controls and manages raw materials, and the main frame is welded with standard steel plates. Our factory uses domestic and foreign high-quality accessories and famous brand valve blocks, which greatly reduces the failure rate. The equipment has a reasonable structure, easy operation, beautiful appearance, and never cuts corners to ensure product quality. The degree of autonomy is high, and the most needed accessory machinery can be independently processed through its own production to achieve excellence. We specialize in the production of hydraulic cold presses, hot presses, short-cycle lamination lines, automatic conveyor lines, automatic cross-cut saws, longitudinal saw lines, multi-blade saws, lifting tables, glue mixers, glue applicators, small and light side presses Heat press, synchronous side pressure heat press, dryer, etc. Prompt service and guaranteed product quality. For more product related information, click to contact us!

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