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Woodworking Machine-Automatic Core Veneer Splicer

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Automatic Core Veneer Splicer Machine is used in plywood production. It is mainly made of small-diameter logs, rotary-cut wood cores, veneers and other raw materials. Used to produce decorative veneers. It can produce veneers with uniform thickness, consistent texture and high precision. It has changed the traditional manual paving technology and realized the unitization and automation of plywood paving. The use of this machine saves a large number of core finishing workers, improves product quality, and saves labor costs. It is an essential tool for furniture manufacturers and veneer producers.

Why is it an essential tool for producing plywood?

Due to different tree species and different origins, the size of wood peeled from small diameter trees is smaller. Smaller wood can be spliced into standard boards by a veneer splicing machine, such as 4*8 feet, 5*10 feet, etc.

The core veneer splicer can detect the width, thickness, and cavity of the board, and automatically perform edge trimming, gluing, splicing, sizing, and palletizing. Customized panels of different sizes can be spliced using this machine. Various random plate sizes can be made into specification plates. For example, the rotary-cut veneers used in plywood have different specifications, uneven edges, and wormholes on the surface. These can all be realized through the detection-cutting-gluing-splicing process of the veneer composite machine. to meet specifications.

How to operate

The entire process of veneer splicing is: veneer loading - material inspection - material selection - cutting - cloth glue - splicing - fixed-length cutting - finished product - automatic palletizing - automatic push-out. The veneer splicing machine is part of the plywood production line. Mainly used with veneer rotary cutting line, veneer dryer, plywood hot press, plywood cold press, etc.

The combination head is connected to the conveyor system that feeds the logs into the machine. The logs are first debarked and then mounted onto a conveyor system. The logs are then fed into the laminating head, which produces the veneers and sends them to the stacking system.

Stacking systems are typically automated and designed to stack veneers based on their thickness and consistency to ensure they are of the highest quality. The high precision and consistency provided by veneer laminating machines are critical to producing high-quality veneers for high-end furniture and decorative applications.

What are the advantages of automatic plywood core veneer assembly machine

1. Increase recycling rate

Since wood raw material is the most expensive part of production costs, small pieces of veneer produced during the production process should also be used to increase recycling rates.

2. Reduce waste

If there is a large area of damage on the surface of the board that cannot be repaired simply by a repair machine, it can be achieved through intelligent defect detection that combines identification, positioning, and cutting with a core veneer splicing machine. The counting of waste veneers is controlled by a precision rotary encoder and a high-speed counter to cut out the least waste veneers without wasting core veneers.

3. Consistency

They provide greater precision and consistency, which are critical to producing high-quality veneers. Composite blades are designed to produce veneers of consistent thickness, ensuring uniform veneer weight and thickness.

This veneer splicer is mainly used for special splicing equipment in the production of three-layer boards, sandwich panels, LVL, floor substrates, furniture boards, handicrafts, solid wood doors, boards, etc. It can also be used for horizontal splicing of rotary-cut core veneers with a thickness of 1.2-3.6mm. Automatic Core Veneer Splicer is simple and flexible to operate, and has a significant effect on improving production efficiency and increasing output. Improve yield and reduce waste of raw materials.

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