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Plywood Machine Spindle Face Veneer Peeling Machine

1. To change the plate thickness, you only need to enter the plate thickness number. There is no need to change the gear. The rotary cutting accuracy is high.
2. Rotary cutting of different plate materials without affecting the plate thickness.
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Woodworking Spindle Face Veneer Peeling Machine

What is the purpose of the veneer peeling machine?

Plywood is an artificial board made from rotary-cut veneers of artificial forest or common tree species as raw materials, and is manufactured through processing techniques such as veneer drying, lamination and gluing, and molding. Plywood not only has the advantages of natural wood, such as high strength, natural and beautiful texture, but also can make up for some of the natural defects of natural wood, such as knots, small format, deformation, and large differences in vertical and horizontal mechanics.

Plywood does not have high requirements for raw materials. The sources of raw materials are wide, the price is low, and the market demand is huge. Plywood not only has good decorative effect, but also has excellent stability, making it the best choice for making furniture.

The veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood. Among them, the spindle veneer peeling machine clamps the two ends of the wood section with the left and right clamping shafts and drives the wood to rotate. The blade of the rotary knife installed on the cutter bed is parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft. And it makes a feeding motion in its vertical direction, and rotates out veneers of equal thickness along the direction of the annual rings of the wood section.

The purpose of the veneer peeling machine is to process wood sections of a certain length and diameter into continuous thin veneers for the production of plywood.

Specific plywood machine

If there is a specific plywood machine that you’re interested in, then feel free to skip ahead by using one of the links below:

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COLD-PRESS-MACHINE_副本        hot-press

Plywood hot press                                                    Plywood cold press

Which is better,spindle or spindleless veneer peeling machine?

Veneer peeling machines are divided into spindle veneer peeling machine and spindleless veneer peeling machine. The difference between them lies in the structure of the spindle.

A spindle veneer peeling machine with a spindle clamping can fix the material, thus improving the processing accuracy. It can be suitable for complex rotary cutting wood, has strong cutting force and uniform output. However, if the clamping force of the chuck is not enough, problems such as loose clamping and shifting of the clamped material may occur. It is suitable for wood with large diameter, cannot reuse small pieces of wood, and has low resource utilization rate.

The spindleless veneer peeling machine has no stuck shaft, the structure is relatively simple, and the cost is lower than that of the spindle veneer peeling machine. The spindleless veneer peeling machine is suitable for small-diameter wood and can cut smaller-diameter logs well. The cutting system is flexible and has a high degree of automation. It has high precision and high wood utilization, which can save costs. The machine responds quickly and is easy to operate.

Although there are many advantages, there are also shortcomings. The spindleless veneer peeling machine cannot cut large pieces of wood and has relatively high requirements on the shape of the wood. It is easy to cause offset during operation, and the machining accuracy will be reduced accordingly.

Both machines, the spindle wood peeling machine and the spindleless veneer peeling machine, play an important role in their respective fields. When making a selection, specific issues must be analyzed in detail, and a comprehensive analysis must be conducted based on the diameter, shape, use of the board, and quality requirements of the wood.

However, after comparison, it is not difficult to find that the functions of the spindle veneer peeling machine and spindleless veneer peeling machines complement each other to a certain extent. However, through surveys, it is found that in actual factories, more people choose to combine the two and get what they want.

What is a veneer CNC peeling machine?

The logs need to be centered before the wood peeling machine is put on the machine. If the centering is not accurate, intermittent veneer strips or narrow veneers will be spun out when the rotary cutting starts. The more broken veneers or narrow veneers there are, the more sapwood veneers are lost, which is not conducive to the continuity of production.

The logs are curved, have irregular cross-sections, and have big and small heads (sharpness) at both ends, etc., which can easily cause the veneers to spin out as shredded veneers, which is a waste of wood. And when the diameter of the log is reduced to a certain extent, it can no longer continue to be peeled, that is, the remaining wood core causes wood waste.

Faced with different problems that arise when peeling wood, CNC veneer peeling machine have appeared in recent years, and digital servo control technology has been applied to the production of veneer peeling machine. The working principle of the veneer CNC peeling machine is to control the machine tool through a digital computer program, and then the rotating wood interacts with the cutter to complete the processing of the wood. The surface of the processed veneer is smooth and neat. The CNC veneer peeling machine is an important piece of equipment in the plywood production line or the veneer production line. It can be used to reuse the remaining (or rounded) wood cores from the veneer peeling machine with a stuck shaft, and cut wood sections of different lengths into Wood cores within a certain diameter range are rotary cut into veneers of varying thicknesses. The emergence of CNC veneer peeling machine not only improves the quality and precision of veneer production, but also greatly improves production efficiency and machine automation.

veneer peeling machine

Why does the board turned out by the veneer peeling machine become wavy?

Plywood is made by a veneer peeling machine. The veneer peeling machine cuts the wood into sheets of uniform size, and then presses them under high temperature and high pressure. However, if the size of the board is not uniform, it will affect the quality of the board. When using a wood peeling machine, if a wavy board appears, the flatness and aesthetics of the board will be reduced, affecting the quality of the board.

Why does the board turned out by the wood peeling machine become wavy? The reason why the wavy board skin appears on the wood peeling machine is due to the uneven knife seam of the wood peeling machine. Because of unevenness, the board may be thick in some places and thin in others, forming a wavy shape. After long-term rotary cutting, the blade becomes relatively dull, so the board skin rotated out by the wood peeling machine appears wavy.

The solution is to adjust the veneer peeling machine knife, re-sharpen the knife, adjust the knife gap, lower the knife a little, and then adjust the opening a little larger. If it still doesn't work, replace the veneer peeling machine knife.

How many types of veneer peeling machines are there?

The veneer peeling machine is used to peel wood sections into veneers. The technical parameters of the wood peeling machine mainly refer to the maximum length and diameter of the processed wood section.

According to the size range of peeled wood sections, peeling machines can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. The length of the wood sections that can be cut by the large-scale rotary cutting machine is 2000~2700mm and the diameter is up to 1600mm; the length of the wood sections that can be cut by the medium-sized rotary cutting machine is 1350-1950mm and the diameter is 200-800mm; the length of the wood sections that can be cut by the small rotary cutting machine is Generally below 1000mm, diameter below 400mm.

According to the driving mode of movement, veneer peeling machine can be divided into spindle driven type and cylindrical driven type. The spindle-driven type can be divided into mechanical jamming type and hydraulic jamming type according to the different jamming structures. The mechanical spindle veneer peeling machine is a single spindle veneer peeling machine. It has a simple structure and is easy to maintain. However, the operation is labor-intensive and the plate output rate is low. It is mostly used in small and medium-sized enterprises. Hydraulically clamped clamping shafts are divided into single clamping shafts and double clamping shafts. The hydraulic dual-axis wood peeling machine has a high degree of automation, easy operation, small wood core diameter, high board output rate, and good veneer quality. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized enterprises. The wood segments in the spindleless veneer peeling machine are centered and driven by friction rollers. The wood core has the smallest diameter and the highest board output rate. It is mainly used for re-rotary cutting of the wood core.

Depending on whether the wood section rotates around its own axis, veneer peeling machines can be divided into concentric rotary cutting and eccentric rotary cutting. In the eccentric veneer peeling machine, the wood section can be clamped by the clamping shaft or clamped by the clamping beam. Beautiful radial patterns can be obtained with eccentric veneer peeling machines, but the productivity is lower than that of concentric veneer peeling machines.

Veneer peeling machine parameters(can be customized)

Max Peeling Lathe

1300 mm

Max Peeling Diameter

360 mm

Left Log Diameter

26 mm

Peeling Thickness


Thickness Error

±0.05 mm

Peeling Speed


Knife Size

1400x180x16 mm

Roller Diameter

102 mm

Roller Motors

7.5kwx1set,5.5kw x 1 set

Feed Motor

5.5kw motor x 1 set

Control System



3500x1900x1350 mm


4000 kg

Why choose us?

1. Modular design, easy to install

Modular prefabricated construction with minimal on-site assembly. Bolt structure, welded structure are available.

2. Fine machining, long service life


high-quality special-shaped steel pipe truss and columns, with good rigidity, firm connection, simple structure and easy installation.

High-temperature resistant

Roller bearings are high-quality high-purity electrochemical graphite bearings, which are wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

Graphite bearing

High-quality high-purity electrochemical graphite bearing, reliable material, reasonable formula, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, not easy to break and durable, and has a long service life.

Spray box

Variable cross-section shape, the hot air spray speed of each nozzle hole in the length direction is consistent, ensuring uniform final moisture content of the veneer.

Hot air blower

Imported high-flow and high static pressure centrifugal fan, vertical structure, manganese steel impeller, non-ferrous metal fireproof friction ring, which can effectively avoid fire hazard inside the machine.

Thermal cycle system

Steel-aluminum composite rolled sheet heat pipe heater. The heat dissipation area per unit length of the heat pipe is large, and the thermal conductivity K=58 under the working wind speed. And the optimized structural design with low resistance ensures the technical characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.

The heating chamber has strong airtightness and effective heat preservation. The insulated floor protects the foundation and prevents heat loss, efficient thermal energy.

The whole machine is made of high-quality cold-rolled thin steel plate, which is anti-rust and corrosion-resistant. The internal components of the equipment are all sprayed with red lead antirust primer or high temperature resistant silver powder paint, and the outer surface parts are sprayed with polyurethane wrinkle paint after installation.

3. Whole plant planning, installation guidance

hot pressing

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