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Hot Press Machine For Furniture

25 Openings 600tons Hot Press Machine For Furniture,Welcome to inquiry.


600 Tons Hot Press 25 Layers Plywood Veneer Hot Press Machine


Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a factory for plywood wood woking machine.  Main products like plywood hot press machine, cold press machine, glue spreader ,glue mixer ,debarking ,peeling machine, veneer dryer machine ,trimming saw and other related products.

25 Openings 600tons Furniture Hot Press

25 Openings 600tons Furniture Hot Press is one of the main equipments in the production process. It is used for the hot-pressing and bonding of the glued type. Different types of plywood have different requirements for the performance of the machine. 

1. Plywood hot press machine is a combination of main parts, like upper beam,down beam ,middle beam, pillar , hot platen, cylinder and oil tank , easy to carry and assemble.

2. The inlet and outlet hoses are made of heat-resistant resin patterns, and the outer spokes are flexible, with a long service life, not easy to damage, and a service life of about 10 years.

3. The main components of the hydraulic device of plywood hot press machine are from overseas, like logic valve ,temperature transmition and etc.

4. The foundation pit is not complex, we will give you drawing in advance. 

5.  Closing speed is subjected to veneer thickness. It can adjust parameters according to your plywood making process.

Functions Of A Plywood Hot Press Machine:

1. Heating platens:

The hot press machine has steel heating platens that supply heat to the veneer layers. The heating of these platens is accomplished through electric heaters or steam, depending on the machine's exact configuration.

2. Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system in the hot press machine is used to exert pressure on the veneer layers while pressing them. Hydraulic cylinders or rams are utilized for creating and regulating the necessary pressure.

3. Loading and unloading system:

The machine is equipped with a loading and unloading system to make it easier to place and remove the veneer layers. The system may be manual or automated based on the machine's size and complexity.

4. Temperature and pressure control:

The hot press machine uses mechanisms for controlling temperature and pressure to ensure accurate and uniform heat and pressure application. The controls can be tailored according to the specific needs of the plywood being manufactured.

5. Timer and cycle control:

The machine could come equipped with a timer and cycle control system in order to manage the duration and order of pressing. This aids in streamlining the production process and guaranteeing uniform outcomes.

6. Safety features:

Safety features are included in plywood hot press machines to safeguard operators and avoid accidents. Possible options may involve emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and protective guards.


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