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Plywood hot press is the important equipment in the production of woodworking boards, mainly used for the hot pressing process after the board is glued and veneered. The machine tool adopts frame structure, hydraulic drive, and the plunger-type oil cylinder drives the hot pressing plate to realize quick closing and automatic pressurization , using time and pressure control to automatically complete all work procedures. The hot-pressing plate is heated by heat-conducting oil, the hot-pressing plate and the oil inlet pipeline are connected by a high-pressure hose, and a temperature measuring device is installed on the pressing plate. The press is manual loading and unloading, with small footprint and easy operation.
Plywood Hot Press
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Functions And Principles of Plywood Hot Press

The plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in the plywood production process. It consists of three major parts: hot press body, control and drive parts (hydraulic system and electric control system), and heating system. Many people are not very clear about the operation and principle of the plywood hot press. Today we will introduce it to you.
Roles of Plywood Hot Press

Plywood hot pressing machine is suitable for furniture manufacturers, wooden door factories, wood-based panel secondary processing veneer, is one of the main machinery of woodworking machinery, mainly used for hot pressing and bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, fireproofing door surface material veneer. In various wood-based panels such as: plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard, surface pressing various decorative materials, decorative cloth, veneer, PVC, etc., it can also be used for veneer drying, leveling, color decorative wood chips Flat, stereotyped, the effect is remarkable.
Working Principles of Plywood Hot Press

On the basis of negative pressure, positive pressure is added, and special glue is used. For the processing of PVC series, the line type and adhesion force of plywood hot press are incomparable with negative pressure equipment. Because of its high pressure, low temperature, The film pressure time is short, which solves the deformation problem when the workpiece is processed by the negative pressure equipment (especially the large-area workpiece), so that the deformation degree of the workpiece is greatly reduced.

Advanced electronic new product control is adopted, and the processing procedures of table entry, table lift, heating, vacuum, film pressure, film release, and table lowering can be automatically completed through adjustment. It is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so there must be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is composed of steel plates as a whole, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two workbenches can be recycled or used alone. The vacuum can be adjusted to low pressure first, then high pressure suction and cover, and the film pressure can reach 0.4MPa. Through adjustment, the product can achieve the desired effect.

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Problems Arising From The Hot Pressing of Plywood With A Multi-Laminator

Hot pressing plywood is an important process in the production of plywood, and it also determines the quality of plywood. However, some problems will inevitably occur when using a multi-layer heat press machine to heat plywood, which will inevitably affect the quality of the plywood. Xinhuacheng machinery will help you analyze some problems and solutions that will be encountered when using a multi-layer board hot press.

Low Bond Strength or Debonding

1. Poor quality of glue
2. Insufficient amount of glue or uneven glue
3. The glue does not form a continuous film
4. The pressure is insufficient, or the temperature is too low, or the hot pressing time is too short
5. The burr groove marks on the veneer are too deep, and the quality of the peeling is poor
6. The moisture content of the veneer is too high

The Solution:
1. Check the quality of glue
2. Note that the amount of glue applied is moderate and uniform
3. Mainly control the aging time
4. Appropriately increase the pressure and temperature, or prolong the hot pressing time
5. Improve the quality of veneer rotary cutting
6. Control the moisture content of the veneer not to exceed the specified range

Bubbling And Partial Degumming

1. The moisture content of the veneer is too high or the drying is uneven
2. Too much glue
3. The decompression speed is too fast or the hot pressing temperature is too high
4. The degree of resin condensation is not enough
5. Insufficient hot pressing time

The Solution:
1. Control the moisture content of the veneer within the range of 8 to 12%
2. Control the amount of glue applied to meet the process requirements
3. The speed of the second stage of depressurization should be slow, and the hot-pressing temperature should be appropriately reduced
4. Check the resin quality
5. Properly extend the hot pressing time

The Plywood Thickness Is Outside The Allowable Tolerance Range

1. The number of hot pressing sheets in each interval is too large
2. The thickness of the veneer varies
3. The pressure plate is inclined or the plunger is inclined
4. The thickness of the plywood blank is calculated incorrectly or the pressure in the hot pressing process is too large and the temperature is too high

The Solution:
1. As far as possible, use a hot pressing process of one sheet and one pressing
2. Improve the quality of the veneer
3. The multi-layer board hot press is installed and corrected to the level
4. Adjust the thickness of the slab, adjust the pressure and temperature

Plywood Press Machine

We are well-known plywood press machine production factory . Xinhuacheng machinery is capable of manufacturing a wide range of plywood presses and complete plywood press production lines that are capable of handling a wide range of panel sizes and thicknesses. We offer both hot and cold plywood presses that can be used for the processing of plywood sheets and other specialized plywood applications.Plywood press is also known as plywood hot press which the key component to manufacture the plywood , flush door and block board.All of our plywood presses are known for their accuracy, ease-of-use and the ability to meet the most demanding production demands. With many special features and high-speed loading and unloading capabilities, plywood presses designed by Xinhuacheng machinery are really helping customers boost performance, productivity and product quality.Plywood press machine is our popular product working in the market with in customer budget.Plywood presses are primarily used for the pressing of plywood sheets which are commonly used in construction and other related industries. With panel thickness control and many different customizable options, our plywood presses have already been installed all over the world.We provide very reliable quality and suitable price. Welcome to consult anytime.

Woodworking Hot Press Machine

We are a professional manufacturing factory .Our woodworking hot press machine is availale according to your requirements ! The woodworking hot press machines are one of the most popularly used appliances in the woodworking industry.Now a staple in all factories that engage in the manufacturing of plywood , these state-of-the-art systems are robust in their outputs.Although the machines vary in capacityan average hot press machine is about 120 tons.Depending on their model and make these units have compact designs and great pressing efficiency.Plywood making machine from a top brand guarantees both speed and accuracy.Xinhuacheng machinery is a top woodworking machinery manufacturer, specializing in the production of good quality custom hot press machine for you.Although all woodworking hot press machines have the same primary functiontheir features vary from one to another.All plywood making systems are hydraulic in nature.The hydraulic technology inteqrated with these machines is of the most advanced kind.One advantage of using a machine of higher hydraulic technology is the low power input.These systems do not consume a lot of energy irrespective of their output.Sono matter the amount of output it is engineered to produce it requires very low power input.You can view all of our hot press machines on our website, but if you can't find what you are looking for please contact us now.

Hydraulic Hot Press Plywood Machine

Our hot press are sold all over the world and they are liked by the global market with the most reasonable price and high quality. In 2022, the number of our hydraulic plywood press purchased by the United States and India has more than doubled.We are providing our clients with best possible machinery for which we ensure manufacturing of quality components at every stage of manufacturing process.Our particular hydraulic hot press plywood machine is used to produce plywood, block boards, flush doors etc. This Press consists of main frame, hydraulic power unit & PLC controlled electric panel. This hydraulic hot press plywood machine is fully automatic & also has optional loading & unloading system for client’s convenience.Hydraulic station is one important part for press machine, Our hydraulic station be designed by our engineer, reasonable design of hydraulic system, save energy, all hydraulic components are arranged reasonably, neatly and beautifully placed, and the components like electromagnetic valve, hydraulic pump all use good one.The new integrated hydraulic system is equipped with an accumulator control system with zero configuration pressure sensors to control the use pressure; a large-capacity fuel tank and a new direct-connected liquid filling device are arranged up and down; a forced air cooling system is configured to effectively reduce the operating temperature of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Plywood Press

Xinhuacheng machinery now offers a wide range of models with specific features designed to meet different production requirements for the wood, plastics and metal-working industries.A hydraulic plywood press machine is a device that is used for making plywood components ply boards,and industrial laminate plywood products.These machines usually work with a hot press technique to create different types of plywood products.These machines are usually heavy and are known for their compact desiansif you are the owner of a woodworkina workshop then it is in vour best interest to find a hydraulic plywood press machine that can help you to achieve effective levels of production characterized by high speed and precisiont is important to note that a hydraulic plywood press machine can vary in the level of output that it delivers.Therefore you should carefully think about the needs of your business when you are thinking of getting one of these for your workshop.The efficiency of the pressing mechanism is one of the prime factors that you need to look for when you want to get a hydraulic plywood press machine. ven though most of the models of these devices work in more or less the same waythere are some features that may be different from one model to another The plywood pressina machines make use of hydraulic technoloay and this mechanism has greatly evolved over the years.With the cutting edge hydraulic plywood press machines that you can find these days,you can benefit from the low requirement of power input which can help you to cut down on your electricity bills.The energy efficiency of these machines has made them popular with large scale production firms as well as small woodworking stores.The hydraulic plywood pressing machines are also equipped with carefully chosen oil circulating pumps.These pumps can circulate oil in all parts of the machine to ensure comprehensive auto -maintenance.The best thing about these hydraulic plywood pressing machines is that they can deliver the maximum productivity for your business so that you can use your resources effectively The superior performance that is offered by the latest models of hydraulic plywood pressing machines has been made possible due to brilliance in engineering and design.They also come with hydraulic cylinders which ensure that the machines are always leak-proof.They are also perfectly steady and can offer stable nerformance at a constant sneedYoucan also calibrate and customize the level of pressure that is used for working on the ply boards.Hydraulic plywood press machines are crafted with carefully selected specimens of fabricated stee which makes them perfectly strong and sturdy.The basic construction also makes it possible for the hydraulic plywood press machines to provide users with consistent performance for all types of projects.These days you can even find customized hydraulic plywood press machines that can deliver you better control over the production mechanism.They are also low on maintenance which means that you do not have to waste a lot of time and effort in keeping things running perfectly. So make sure that you get a top grade hydraulic plywood press machine for your business.Plywood presses are most commonly used for the high speed pressing and processing of plywood panels which are primarily used in the construction industry. These panels or sheets are very strong compared to their weight and therefore offer excellent support and strength for a wide range of applications.

Hydraulic Laminate Press

First of all , we need to understand what the hydraulic laminate press is used for ? Lamination presses are used to produce stronger materials. Successful lamination begins with the selection of the proper materials and equipment. It is important that the designer and engineers understand the capabilities of your shop as well as the complexity and final finish of your products prior to choosing a bonding or lamination method.Many of the lamination processes are made to reinforce film, textile, plastic, metal, wood, or other porous and non-porous materials in larger areas. The following materials and more can be produced by lamination presses.The decorative and industrial laminate hydraulic press line is utilized to deliver the industrial and decorative laminates, which are ordinarily known as hylam sheets and sun mica sheet. They are usually utilized for industrial use, furniture use, protection sheets and encasing sheets. The absolute Laminate Press line comprises of the machines for get together, stripping, form taking care of, stacking, emptying, passing on, and press overlay.Our total line of standard Hydraulic Presses alongside our capacity to specially craft a press to suit our clients' particular prerequisites, permits us to effectively serve a wide assortment of businesses. We have involvement with dealing with a various scope of utilization - from the standard to the uniquely determined. Regardless of what your business, we have the aptitude to manufacture you the best Hydraulic Press Machine for your prerequisite.Our experienced engineers take the time to go through these critical elements of your process and deliver innovative and dependable lamination presses for the job.

Hydraulic Door Press Machine

Xinhuacheng machinery plant is one of the renowned suppliers in the industry, successfully engaged in the manufacture, supply, wholesale and retail of a wide range of hydraulic press machine and hydraulic door press.We are hydraulic door press machine - Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier From China. In order to produce this series of products that meet international quality standards, our team uses the best grades of raw materials, advanced process technology, and a comprehensive service system to escort your purchases."Based on domestic market and expand overseas business" is our development strategy for Hydraulic Door Press Machine. Should you be interested in almost any goods, remember to truly feel totally free to get in touch with us for further facts or be sure to deliver us email right, we will reply you in just 24 hrs as well as the finest quotation are going to be provided. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Mauritius, Bangalore,Bulgaria, Morocco.The working experience in the field has helped us forged a strong relations with customers and partners both in domestic and international market. For years, our products and solutions have been exported to more than 60 countries in the world and have been widely used by customers.Thanks to deft professionals, we have been able to offer hydraulic door press to our clients. Backed by our dexterous team of professionals, our product line is designed and manufactured in full compliance with the quality standards set by the industry. Additionally, our products are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and specifications. Ensure excellent performance, perfect function, accurate size.Lots of our experienced engineers improved designs to make the machine perfect in simply structure and well perform.Easy to operate, easy to learn, a few minutes for a person to learn how to operate.

Hot Press Machine For Laminate

Xinhuacheng machinery as a professional manufacturer of laminate hot press machines.Our factory has focused on woodworking machine for over 15 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the timber industry in China.Application of Laminate Hot Press Machine.The laminate hot press machine is used for direct laminating melamine papers or phenolic film on MDF, Particle Board, Chipboard or Plywood etc. The laminated board has various designs such as mirror, matt, suede, snow, wood, stone etc. which is widely used in furniture and flooring field.The laminate hot press machine is applied for short cycle lamination technology. This means that the impregnated paper is pressed against the particleboard and fiberboard by a hot press to play a decorative role. The products are mainly divided into three categories: furniture panels, door panels, and floors. The main difference between a furniture board and a floor is that the type of impregnated paper is different, and the floor needs higher abrasion resistance. The floor is also called reinforced floor, which refers to the floor that is impregnated with one or two layers (decorative paper and abrasion-resistant paper) of special-purpose paper on the surface of high-density fiberboard, backed with balance paper, and hot-pressed.
It is mainly used for veneering of various wood panels and melamine-impregnated paper. It can be used for pressing wooden floors, furniture panels, door panels.Suitable for producing various sizes of products.Hot press laminator machine are highly engineered items tracing back their history to antiquity. The production of wood-based panels has seen growth by 7%, hence proving the increasing demand for hot press laminator machine all over the world. hot press laminator machine are prominent in reducing manufacturing costs and enabling the production company to stay competitive in the market. Decades before, hot press laminator machine were used with simple mechanical setups. The advancing technology has brought several modifications making hot press laminator machine one of the most desired equipment in the wood industry. Considerable efforts have been made to ensure that there are no ill effects on human well-being with the usage of hot press laminator machine as they contain formaldehyde. The emission of formaldehyde has been reduced significantly making the product absolutely safe for usage by human beings.

Hot Press Machine For Doors

Xinhuacheng machinery is combining the actual application needs of customers, we can provide effective application solutions, and a variety of R&D and design suggestions, as well as various customized products to fully meet the different needs of customers.The main frame of hot press machine for Doors is welded with high-quality steel plates, it is widely used for the hot pressing of melamine paper on door panels and doorsteps, with reasonable design and high strength, which can withstand greater pressure. The whole machine adopts intelligent operating system and laminating machine, which is easy to operate , stable in work , simple operating system, and equipped with emergency safety brake. It can be stopped at any position according to the production process (or limit control). Two operation modes (manual and automatic) are also provided to facilitate customer selection.We critically promise that we deliver all the customers with the best quality solutions, the most competitive prices and the most prompt delivery. We hope to win a resplendent future for customers and ourselves.
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We manufacture plywood press as per customer’s specification. These plywood presses are manufactured using the finest quality materials that are procured from the most reliable sources in the market. Our range of plywood presses are manufactured in superior quality and durability and is available at a competitive market price. We are a high-quality hot press machine, woodworking machinery manufacturing factory, if you are interested in these products, inquire about the price, please feel free to contact our relevant personnel.
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