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Woodworking Veneer Splicer Machine

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The automatic veneer splicer machine is a special equipment for producing panels. It has high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost, and good full automation, which can save labor costs and raw material costs. It is mainly an equipment for making full-width solid core boards from specifications of slats made of small-diameter logs, rotary-cut wood cores, lumber-making boards and other raw materials, through arranging, gluing, extrusion, heating and other processes. The trigger is mainly composed of hydraulic system, pneumatic system, etc. This equipment is mainly used to produce three-layer boards, sandwich panels, LVL, floor substrates, furniture boards, architectural membrane panels, container boards, melamine decorative panels, etc.and splice small core veneers into standard 4*4 feet or 4* 8ft .

veneer splicer machine

Working principle of veneer splicer machine

The device mainly consists of a fully automatic glue coating machine, a dynamic four-sided balancing plate arrangement machine, a cutter, an auxiliary heating system, a fully automatic shearing, a fully automatic palletizing, etc. Welded and formed using domestic steel, it has a long service life. It uses advanced "dynamic four-sided balancing technology" to place wooden strips on the glue coating machine. The equipment can fully automatic glue application, feeding, automatic flipping, four-sided balancing module connection and trimming. It is a truly comprehensive Fully automatic puzzle machine.

The device can automatically detect the width, thickness and spacing of boards. The cavities are trimmed, glued, combined, cut to length and stacked. This machine can combine core veneers of different sizes into a complete plate. From the feeding conveyor, thickness detector, cutting, and collage, only one worker can complete it.

Veneer Composer is suitable for plywood production line

It can integrate core veneers of different lengths and sizes with high-strength wires and hot melt adhesive to facilitate production in subsequent stages of the plywood production line. It also improves panel quality by eliminating core board gaps and then assembling low-quality and random veneers into a full sheet. In addition, lamination allows for the flexible production of core veneers and plywood in required sizes. This technology is particularly suitable for plywood production technology.

The veneer splicer machine is a new type of improved equipment developed based on traditional assembly equipment and combined with the existing plywood raw material varieties, sizes, humidity, flatness, etc. It completely solves the problems of jamming, overlapping, gluing and round wires, technological breakthroughs and product innovations. For more product information, click to contact us!

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