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Spindle Veneer Lathes - Plywood Machine

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Spindle veneer lathes are specialized machines used to produce thin layers of wood. Although these panels can be manufactured by methods such as rotary cutting, planing, and sawing, the rotary cutting method is generally used in the production of plywood. The rotary cutting process determines the profitability of these panel manufacturing chains and the producible surfaces. Quantity of quality boards. With optimal stripping and trimming, you maximize quality for further processing. It works by spinning a log with a blade, which peels a thin layer of wood off the log as it spins. This produces long, continuous boards that can be cut to size for a variety of woodworking applications.

Veneer lathes

What is the difference between a spindle peeling machine and a shaftless?

Compared with the shaftless rotary cutting machine, The veneer produced by this equipment has a more uniform thickness and a smoother surface. They are mostly used for rotary cutting of veneer because of their high thickness accuracy, which means the thickness of these sheets is smaller. But it can also be used to produce high thicknesses, both with good results.

Spindle Veneer Lathe functions

The function of the spindle rotary cutting machine is to turn the wood by clamping the cross-section at both ends of the wood with two chucks. Shaftless lathe means that the rotary cutting machine does not have a chuck and the equipment is not equipped with clamps. But it does this by turning the wood together with three squeeze rollers. Spindle rotary cutting can cut large-diameter wood, up to 1.3 meters in diameter, but the wood core needs to be more than 10 centimeters. The cardless rotary cutter can only cut small diameter wood, but the wood must be round. Generally speaking, the wood can be rotated within 30 cm, and the wood core can be rotated about 3 cm. The device works by rotating the log on a spindle while the blades cut continuous veneers from the surface of the log. The blade is angled slightly to the axis of the log, ensuring that the grain direction of the veneer is parallel to the length of the log.

Advantages of spindle single plate lathe

1. Multifunction

One of the significant advantages of spindle veneer lathes is the ability to produce veneers from a variety of woods. Its versatility allows for a wider range of woodworking applications and the ability to meet the needs of different markets. This also allowed the production of exotic wood panels that were previously difficult to obtain. Can handle a variety of wood species, including hardwood and softwood. These machines come in different sizes and configurations and can cut different thicknesses and widths. This feature enables production flexibility and the ability to produce boards that meet specific requirements.

2. Precision cutting

Another advantage of spindle veneer lathes is the ability to produce sheets of consistent thickness. Calculated in gold/revolution or light meter/minute. The feed speed determines the thickness of the unscrewed plywood. In order to obtain different thicknesses, the rotary cutting machine is equipped with a feed speed conversion mechanism - a feed box. This is crucial to ensure the quality of the final product, as uneven thickness can lead to warping and cracking.

3. High efficiency

Spindle veneer lathes are high-volume machines that can produce large quantities in a short time. These machines are designed to operate at high speeds and their precise cutting ensures that the product meets the required quality standards. Their high throughput makes them ideal for commercial veneer production requiring high volumes.

Spindle veneer lathe is one of the equipments for producing plywood. Logs can be rotary cut into veneers more stably and accurately. It can also be used to cut small diameters. We provide one-stop integrated solutions and reasonably provide machines with the best cost performance based on the on-site conditions of the customer's workshop and the customer's requirements for products and raw materials. 

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