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Why You Need A Veneer Hot Press Dryer

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Veneer dryers are an important part of plywood processing. It dries core and facing veneers. The feed direction of these sheets can be horizontal or vertical. Using double-in and double-out hot plates, huge heating energy can be obtained in a short time, so the drying capacity is large. The equipment uses hot plates to dry these sheets. At the same time, it has a synchronous closed system to ensure that the drying time of each layer is the same, so that all boards are dried evenly. The board is very smooth after drying.

Why choose hot press veneer dryer?

This dryer is an improved design based on the original hot-press dryer and is used for dehumidification, drying and smoothing of rotary-cut core veneers. The equipment is symmetrically installed with synchronous closing structures on both sides, allowing each laminate to contact or separate from the core veneer at the same time. This machine has the characteristics of frame structure and low investment.

This equipment can dry boards of various thicknesses and moisture contents. This dryer is ideal for drying rotary cuts and slices. It is a specially designed energy efficient machine.

Hot pressed veneer dryers

Hot press veneer dryers offer several advantages over other types of veneer dryers. Firstly, the product's design ensures minimal energy consumption, making it a cost-effective solution for industry players looking to reduce energy use. Secondly, they are faster and can be dried in less time, making them ideal for mass production. Third, they produce high-quality products with minimal defects, thereby increasing their value and marketability.

How does a hot press veneer dryer work?

During the drying process, boards are placed on a conveyor belt that moves them through the dryer. Temperature and pressure within the dryer are carefully controlled to ensure complete drying of the wood without damage. Moisture evaporates from the wood and exits the dryer through the ventilation system. The pressing device consists of a hot pressing plate, which is pressed onto the veneer to ensure uniform drying.

The equipment is also equipped with an advanced temperature and humidity control system that can accurately control the drying process. This ensures the veneer dries evenly and has a high-quality finish.

Our company hot-pressed veneer dryer adopts the latest international pressurized contact veneer drying technology. It has the advantages of simple operation, safety and practicality, stable operation, convenient maintenance, and hot pressing-leveling-drying can be completed in one go. The use of hot air circulation has greatly reduced the company's operating costs, improved the quality of the panels, and increased the output. When these sheets are located between the two sets of rollers, they can shrink freely laterally, reducing the occurrence of cracks and improving drying quality. The heat dissipation process is carried out in the flat state. During the benign physical process of wood drying and shrinkage, these boards do not warp or deform, have a low breakage rate and a high yield rate.

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