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8ft High Speed Plywood Core Veneer Peeling Machine Woodworking Machinery

1. Servo Motor
2. CNC Control system instead of PLC
3.Most competitive price
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What Is The Use Of The Veneer Cut By The Veneer Peeling Machine?

Rotary sawing is a highly efficient method of wood processing that uses a rotating blade to cut wood into thin slices. This method is much faster than traditional machining methods and can also handle curves, bends and irregular shapes. Rotary cut wood can be used to create a variety of different products, including:

1. Furniture

Rotary cut wood can be used to make furniture tabletops, chair backs and seats, cabinets, doors, etc. The surface of peeled wood has a clear texture, which looks beautiful, and can be processed into curves and curved shapes, which can produce special styles of furniture to meet the needs of different curved surface shapes in furniture manufacturing.

2. Building materials

Rotary cut wood can also be used to make building materials such as flooring, doors, windows, wall coverings and other wood products and other decorative purposes. Rotated wood can be used as the base material for flooring because it shrinks and expands with changes in temperature and humidity, making it an ideal material.

3. Pulp

Rotary cut wood can also be used to make pulp, an important raw material used in the production of paper and paper products. The fiber quality of rotary saw wood is very good, so the paper produced is usually strong.

Why Choose Veneer Peeling Machine To Peel Wood?

1. High efficiency

Compared with other wood processing methods, the veneer peeling machine can process wood into thin boards faster. This method can also transform waste wood into useful products.

2. Environmental protection

Since rotary cut wood can be used to process waste materials, processing with it can reduce a lot of waste. Rotary sawing of wood makes better use of the raw material than traditional sawn wood.

3. Highly customizable

Veneer peeling machines can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, using rotary cut wood can handle shapes that cannot be processed by traditional processing methods.

Rotary cutting of wood is a highly efficient, advanced and environmentally friendly processing method. It can be used to make a variety of products such as furniture, building materials, paper pulp, etc., and has a high degree of customizability and unique advantages that are different from traditional processing methods.

How Does The Veneer Peeling Machine Process Wood?

The working principle of the veneer peeling machine is to place the wood raw material at the feed end of the machine, and rotate the wood through a rotating mechanical device. The rotary knife cuts a thin layer of wood parallel to the wood fibers along the circumferential surface of the wood section, and uses the knife to continuously cut the wood. Peel into thin slices. During the peeling process, the machine can trim the wood to a certain extent to ensure that the cut veneer is smooth.

According to the operating requirements of rotary cutting veneer, the main actions of the veneer peeling machine are: the axial movement (telescopic movement) of the clamping shaft to clamp and lower the wood section; the coordination of the rotation of the clamping shaft and the feed of the tool holder when spinning the veneer. The movement of the tool bed; the rapid movement of the tool bed into and out of the tool.

The machine base supports all the main mechanical and transmission structures of the veneer peeling machine, and withstands the vibration and reaction force generated during the cutting of the veneer. The clamping box is a mechanism used to make the left and right clamping shafts move axially to clamp the wooden section and drive the wooden section to rotate. It is driven by the main motor to generate rotational motion, and is connected with the tool feed box through the sprocket to achieve a coordinated movement of the card shaft rotating once and the tool holder automatically feeding a single plate thickness. The feed box consists of a box body, a shaft, a gear transmission mechanism, a clutch, a control handle, a handwheel, etc. By changing the different positions of the handle and handwheel, and adjusting the gear combination, veneers of different thicknesses can be spun out.

Why Is The Thickness Of The Veneer Cut Uneven, Curled, And Wavy?

1. The thickness of the rotary cut veneer is uneven. The main reason is that there is a problem with the speed measuring code or the electronic ruler.


Check the ranging, speed encoder and electronic ruler. The specific steps are to adjust the fast forward frequency of the ranging encoder and observe whether the diameter of the log changes continuously. If there is a pause, it means that the ranging encoder is broken; If not, check the speed encoder to see if the roller speed is consistent with the actual speed. If inconsistent, it means that the speed encoder is damaged and should be replaced in time.

2. The main reason why the peeled veneer is curled is because the knife door is too narrow or the knife rest is too high.


Adjust the screws on both sides of the knife door to make the knife door wider. If the knife holder is too high, just adjust the knife holder lower. Pay attention to fix the screws after adjustment.

3. The wavy shape of the rotary-cut veneer is mainly caused by excessive resistance during the cutting process.


Check whether the output current of the frequency converter is greater than 5A when the machine is idling. If it is greater, the machine needs to be adjusted. Another point that is easily overlooked is to check the lubrication effect. Sometimes the lubrication effect is not good, and Will cause excessive resistance.

When our machines have not been maintained for a long time, the occurrence of this situation will be greatly increased. Therefore, choosing a machine that is simple to operate and easy to maintain will save a lot of trouble.

spindleless veneer peeling line

What Are The Development Trends And Technological Innovation Directions Of Veneer Peeling Machine?

High speed, high degree of automation and continuous improvement of material yield are the general trends in the development of modern veneer peeling machines, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Improve Productivity

① In order to improve productivity, the maximum speed of the card shaft has reached 320 rpm, and a constant linear speed veneer peeling machine has been realized. cut. In order to give full play to the efficiency of high-speed veneer peeling machine, new veneer peeling machines are equipped with various types of automatic centering and wood loading mechanisms, wood core and broken veneer, small size board transport devices, automatic plate rolling devices or automatic shearing devices The device forms an automatic production line of centering-wood loading-veneer peeling machine-stacking (automatic shearing and stacking).

Reduce Waste

② New veneer peeling machines have generally adopted hydraulic dual clamping shafts and a pressure roller device to prevent the wood core from bending to reduce the diameter of the wood core. A special veneer peeling machine for wood core re-rotation has appeared, which can rotate the wood core to less than 50mm, make full use of wood resources and reduce wood waste.

③In order to make full use of wood resources, a new type of veneer peeling machine has emerged that uses a licker-in to drive the rotation of wood sections. It is specially used to cut wood sections with core rot, ring cracks or soft heartwood materials to make midboards and core boards.

④The successful development of the spindleless veneer peeling machine in the 1980s effectively promoted the development of the plywood industry. This machine can not only rotary cut wood cores, but also rotary cut wood segments with a diameter of less than 200 mm. The minimum diameter of the wood core can be 50 mm, and the rotary cutting speed is as high as 120-180 m/min.

Quality Improvement

⑤ In order to improve the quality of rotary cut veneer, a double rotary knife (main rotary knife and auxiliary rotary knife) veneer peeling machine has appeared. The auxiliary knife is used for rotary cutting of knots, bends and other defects before the wood section is rounded. The impact is large. The counter-rotating knife is seriously worn; the main rotary knife is used for normal rotary cutting, and the blade is sharp and smooth, which is conducive to obtaining high-quality veneers.

How Should You Operate A Veneer Peeling Machine After Purchasing It?

After purchasing a veneer peeling machine, we should first make preparations:

1. Check whether all parts of the veneer peeling machine are normal, especially whether the blade and cutting edge are damaged.

2. Install the correct blades and adjust their position and angle as needed.

3. Connect the power and air source of the veneer peeling machine to ensure they are stable and reliable.

4. Adjust the processing table of the veneer peeling machine to make it level and smooth for easy operation.

Start up veneer peeling machine:

1. Turn on the power switch and light the indicator light. After the veneer peeling machine enters the ready state, press the start button.

2. Wait for the blade to reach normal speed and perform a set of cuts to check whether the cutting effect and angle are correct.

3. Adjust the cutting speed and knife adhesion as needed to obtain the best results.

Debugging veneer peeling machine:

1. During the debugging process, adjustments need to be made according to factors such as different processing materials, different blade sizes, and different processing accuracy.

2. Change the cutting angle and depth by adjusting the position and angle of the blade and processing table to adapt to different materials and requirements.

The above is the preliminary preparation work after purchasing the veneer peeling machine. The operator should receive professional training before the veneer peeling machine is put into use. In addition, you should carefully read and understand the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer before use, and follow its instructions. It is very important to comply with relevant safety operating regulations to ensure safe and reliable use. Strictly follow the installation manual.

Veneer peeling machine parameters(can be customized)

Max Peeling Lathe

1300 mm

Max Peeling Diameter

360 mm

Left Log Diameter

26 mm

Peeling Thickness


Thickness Error

±0.05 mm

Peeling Speed


Knife Size

1400x180x16 mm

Roller Diameter

102 mm

Roller Motors

7.5kwx1set,5.5kw x 1 set

Feed Motor

5.5kw motor x 1 set

Control System



3500x1900x1350 mm


4000 kg

Why choose us?

1. Modular design, easy to install

Modular prefabricated construction with minimal on-site assembly. Bolt structure, welded structure are available.

2. Fine machining, long service life

1) Frame: high-quality special-shaped steel pipe truss and columns, with good rigidity, firm connection, simple structure and easy installation.

2) Roller bearings are high-quality high-purity electrochemical graphite bearings, which are wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

3) Graphite bearing: High-quality high-purity electrochemical graphite bearing, reliable material, reasonable formula, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, not easy to break and durable, and has a long service life.

4) Spray box: Variable cross-section shape, the hot air spray speed of each nozzle hole in the length direction is consistent, ensuring uniform final moisture content of the veneer.

5) Hot air blower: imported high-flow and high static pressure centrifugal fan, vertical structure, manganese steel impeller, non-ferrous metal fireproof friction ring, which can effectively avoid fire hazard inside the machine.

6) Thermal cycle system: Steel-aluminum composite rolled sheet heat pipe heater. The heat dissipation area per unit length of the heat pipe is large, and the thermal conductivity K=58 under the working wind speed. And the optimized structural design with low resistance ensures the technical characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.

7) The heating chamber has strong airtightness and effective heat preservation. The insulated floor protects the foundation and prevents heat loss, efficient thermal energy.

The whole machine is made of high-quality cold-rolled thin steel plate, which is anti-rust and corrosion-resistant. The internal components of the equipment are all sprayed with red lead antirust primer or high temperature resistant silver powder paint, and the outer surface parts are sprayed with polyurethane wrinkle paint after installation.

3. Whole plant planning, installation guidance


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