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Distributor Plywood Hot Press Machine Wholesale

Different layers hot press machine for different industry


Layers Hot Press Machine Wholesale

About Different Opening And Layers Hot Press Machine For More Usage

The plywood hot press is one of the main equipments in the plywood production process. It is used for hot pressing and gluing the slabs after gluing and combining. Different types of plywood have different requirements for the performance of the press: ordinary plywood, aviation The pressures required for the manufacture of plywood, plastic veneer, wood-laminated plastic, and marine plywood increase sequentially. The plywood hot press is divided into two types: periodic and continuous according to the operation mode, and the periodic multi-layer hot press is commonly used in China. 

key Features And Functions

1. Heating Platens:

The hot press machine has heating platens, usually constructed from steel, which supply heat to the veneer layers. The platens are heated through the use of electric heaters or steam, depending on the machine's particular design.

2. Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic system of the hot press machine is used to exert pressure on the veneer layers while pressing. Hydraulic cylinders or rams are employed for producing and regulating the necessary pressure.

3. Temperature And Pressure Control:

The hot press machine has temperature and pressure control mechanisms to provide precise and even application of heat and pressure. Controls can be adjusted based on the unique requirements of plywood production.

Our Advantage

-We will deliver on time. If you have purchased other machine or parts elsewhere in China, you can send it to the factory, and we will help with verification, loading and export.

-When loading the cabinets, we will make reasonable use of the space of each cabinet.

-Our staff will make sure your machine is clean before packing.

-We will add stretch film to the whole machine and provide spare parts to provide fine protection.

-We will produce export standard sturdy wooden box packaging according to your requirements for machine disassembly parts. 

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