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6 Decks Mesh Veneer Dryer Woodworking Core Veneer Drying Machine

One machine with multiple functions, saving time, effort, and labor, suitable for assembly line operations, and can also be customized according to needs. It can run alone or be used in conjunction with other equipment.
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Mesh Veneer Dryer Woodworking Core Veneer Drying Machine With Automatic Feeding

How Is The Wood Drying?

The moisture content of wood is mainly divided into two types. The moisture existing in the large capillary system composed of cell lumens is called free water, and its content only affects the weight of wood, but not the properties of wood; The moisture existing in the microcapillary system is called absorbed water, and its change will not only causes wood to shrink and expand, and also affects other physical and mechanical properties of wood. Absorbed water is difficult to reach the standard final moisture content through natural drying, so it needs to be dried by professional veneer dryer equipment.

Wood drying refers to the exclusion of free water and absorbed water in wood to adapt to wood processing and different uses and quality requirements after processing. Although there are many drying methods, such as natural drying and various veneer drying equipment, the basic principle is the same, that is, the moisture content gradient along the thickness of the wood is used, and the large internal and small external water vapor. The pressure difference promotes the continuous flow of water from the inside to the outside in liquid and gaseous state, and evaporates to the outside through the surface of the wood; the intensity of internal water flow should be consistent with the intensity of surface evaporation, so that the wood dries in a balanced manner from the surface to the inside.

Veneer Drying - Air Dry

Veneer Dryer

Natural air drying does not require a lot of energy input and is an environmentally friendly drying method. However, because air drying cannot make the veneer meet the final moisture content standard of less than 12%, it takes a long time, occupies a large area, and the drying result is unstable. Factories with large output or high requirements on veneer quality usually choose artificial forced drying - veneer dryer.

Roller Veneer Dryer

Veneer drying

What Heating Methods Can The Veneer Dryer Choose?

The veneer dryer is a core board drying equipment used for wood setting and dehydration. It relies on high temperature to evaporate the moisture on the surface and inside of the wood. There are many heating methods of the veneer dryer, which is suitable for large and small wood production, such as directly burning biomass fuel, or burning wood waste and waste wood as a heat source.

Heating method of heat transfer oil: The heating method can be divided into two methods: coal, oil, gas combustion, direct heating by electricity and indirect heating by heat medium. From the analysis of heating temperature level, 500 ℃ is the dividing line between direct heating and indirect heating.

Steam heating method: using steam as the heating medium, the heat is transferred to the object to be heated through heat exchange between heat transfer oil and steam.

How Does Veneer Drying Machine Work?

The working principle of the veneer drying machine is to transport the wood to the equipment, and the transmission device drives the mesh belt or the roller to move back and forth in the dryer. The clean and stable hot air flows through the materials, and the water vapor flows through the moisture discharge holes. In order to achieve the purpose of drying, the drying speed is determined by the type and moisture content of the wood board. The air flow direction adopts negative pressure and porous air intake to ensure the effective drying area and improve the effect. The hot air continuous drying adopts the advanced pressure contact veneer drying technology. Its working principle is: the veneer is clamped by the upper and lower rollers, and the temperature of the oven reaches the standard after preheating. Blow to the upper and lower sides of the veneer, so that the veneer is dry, smooth, and the moisture content is uniform; and it has a high-temperature roller that directly contacts the wet veneer to transfer heat, with high thermal efficiency and small heat loss.

The veneer dryer is one of the main equipment in the production of sheet metal, the quality of the veneer dryer directly affects the quality of the film faced and glued products.

What Is A Fan For Veneer Drying Machine?

The wood dryer relies on the function of the fan to bring hot air into the heating chamber of the veneer dryer. So, what is a fan and what function does it have?

The fan of the dryer is a device for suction and air supply. The working principle of the dryer fan is to input electricity, and the fan impeller is rotated by the motor to produce suction and suction effects on the gas. The dryer fan is composed of suction port, impeller, housing, motor and other components.

The function of the motor is to convert electric power into mechanical power to drive the impeller to rotate.

The air inlet guides the gas smoothly into the impeller.

What is the role of the impeller: transfer the kinetic energy of the rotation to the gas, and convert it into fluid power, which is expressed as wind pressure and air volume.

The casing collects the gas blown by the impeller and controls its flow.

Its thermal cycle design adopts side-mounted centrifugal fan. The new heat exchanger and the spray box with rectangular variable cross-section make the high-speed jet flow acting on the surface of the veneer uniform. The hot air blowers in the heating chamber of the front and rear areas are arranged separately on the left and right, so as to ensure that the dried veneer obtains the same final moisture content at each point.

What Are The Requirements Of The Veneer Dryer For The Site?

The requirements of the veneer drying equipment for the site should be placed in a horizontal place, well ventilated, kept dry, protected from moisture and moisture, and prevented from corrosion. The working room should be kept clean. If it is placed indoors, it should be kept at a certain distance from the wall. The distance from the wall is more than 2 meters.

When using, adjust the temperature and drying humidity before putting the sample into the hot air circulation oven, connect the power supply, and turn on the switch of the drying room to ensure the uniformity of the temperature in the drying room. Do not place items on the bottom of the room, so as not to affect the hot air circulation. It is forbidden to bake flammable, explosive items, volatile and corrosive items.

No matter what kind of core board dryer, it is equipped with the manufacturer's operating instructions. When we use the core board dryer, the staff must be familiar with the parameters of the operating equipment and the specific requirements of the material, and strictly control the progress. The particle size and purity of the raw materials are used to prevent poor drying effect and damage to the equipment.

When the dryer completes the processing operation of a unit, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the equipment first, and check whether there is any abnormality in the parts of the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the daily production of the dryer, enhance the durability of the equipment.

Veneer dryer parameters

Heating medium

Steam system/oil system

Veneer thickness(mm)

>1.7 - 6

Veneer initial moisture content


Veneer final moisture content


Work layers


Length of heating chamber(mm)


Length of cooling chamber(mm)


Drying capacity


Steam consumption

3800 kg / h

Features Of A Core Veneer Drying Machine:

1. Hot air circulation:

The main veneer drying machine utilizes hot air circulation to eliminate moisture from the veneer sheets. The device contains heating elements and fans that distribute hot air across the veneer sheets, speeding up the drying procedure.

2. Adjustable temperature and humidity control:

The device makes it possible to precisely control the drying process's humidity and temperature. This ensures that the sheets of core veneer are dried evenly, thoroughly, and without damage or distortion.

3. Multiple drying chambers:

Core veneer drying machines might feature several drying chambers or sections in order to handle a high volume of veneer sheets. This enables the ongoing and effective drying of core veneer sheets in a manufacturing environment.

4. Conveyor system:

The machine has a conveyor system that transports the core veneer sheets through the drying chambers at a regulated pace. This guarantees even drying and avoids overheating or inconsistent drying of the veneer sheets.


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