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Plywood Production Line 4ft Wood Debarker Log Debarking Machine

The surface of single and double rollers is chrome plated to improve the wear resistance of the rollers. After many experiments and theory, the surface of the drum adopts Pythagorean linear grooves, which makes the veneer less likely to wrap around the drum and improves production efficiency.
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Plywood Production Line 4ft Wood Debarker

Does The Surface Bark Of Wood Need To Be Removed?

Timber is a material frequently used in the construction industry. It has the advantages of stable structure, high strength, wide applicability and greenness. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, so it is very popular among the public. Before processing wood, it is often necessary to debark bark first, so why should wood be debarked?

1. Smoothing Effect

Because the stuttering on the surface of the tree makes the tree very rough, it is necessary to remove the stuttering on the surface. Shave the knots of the log and the irregular parts of the outer circle into round shapes at one time. The surface of the debarked wood is smooth, which is conducive to subsequent rotary peeling of the wood or the production of solid wood furniture, and the appearance is more beautiful.

2. Anti-insect And Anti-corrosion Effect

Debarking logs can remove parasite eggs in the bark and reduce the number of wood pests laying eggs in the bark. For log furniture, after the wood is debarked, its surface is exposed to the air and easily absorbs moisture and bacteria. If antiseptic is not applied to the surface, the wood will be easily corroded. While debarking, you can apply anti-corrosion agent on the wood surface to increase the anti-corrosion performance of solid wood furniture and extend its service life.

3. Increase The Service Life Of The Saw Blade

The bark has a certain corrosive effect on the metal saw blade. Removing the bark greatly reduces damage to the saw blade. In addition, if the wood is not debarked first and then peeled, slag may appear during the processing. Fine bark slag can easily get stuck in the equipment and damage the machine. The log debarking workflow greatly reduces damage to equipment and accessories.

4. Reasonable Utilization Of Bark

Bark can be used as fuel. After the bark is debark off, it can be collected at the bark accumulation port and used for burning fuel to increase heat energy for equipment.

In short, for the wood industry, debarked wood is more suitable for use, which can not only increase the service life of equipment, but also improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

What Is A Log Debarker?

How to debark wood? In the early days, manual debarking was used, but with the development of industry, more and more factories use log debark machine equipment to replace manual labor in the processing of plywood furniture to achieve efficient and high-quality output.

Log debarking machine, also called wood debarker and wood debarking machine, is widely used in plywood factories, veneer factories, lumber factories, etc. It is one of the wood processing machinery series products.

Log debark machines are usually used together with wood loading machines, wood breaking machines and rotary cutting machines to achieve efficient and automated processing processes. The log debarking machine is simple to operate. The logs are loaded into the log debarking machine. The operator only needs to start the machine and the bark on the surface of the logs will be debarked off. Its debarking rate can reach more than 95%, which is very popular among people.

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How Does A Wood Debarking Machine Work?

Scope of application of wood debarking machine: It is suitable for debarking newly felled coniferous wood and some broad-leaved wood. It can also complete the debarking process of some frozen wood and dry wood.

After pushing the dimensional wood into the feed port, the wood will be stuck between the front and rear rollers. The uneven rollers on the front and rear surfaces will run in one direction while squeezing the wood in the middle. As the machine operates, the bark on the surface of the wood will slowly separate from the wood as it is squeezed, and the debarked wood will automatically come out of the discharge port. The debarking rate of this wood debarking machine can reach 95%.

What Are The Characteristics Of Wood Debarking Machine?

1. It adopts four-sided blade tool, which is easy to use and low cost.

2. The cutter head pressure regulation is controlled by hydraulic pressure, with advanced structure and reliable performance.

3. The feeding mechanism adopts stepless speed change, which has good debarking effect on hard-to-bark tree species such as frozen wood, bent wood, eucalyptus, oak, and elm.

4. The debarking purity is high, and the peeling rate can reach more than 95%. High productivity and little wood damage.

5. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable to use, has small investment, low energy consumption, takes up less space, low civil construction costs and moderate production capacity. It is suitable for use with other equipment and has a material separation function. It is an ideal equipment for wood peeling.

6. This machine adopts a double rotor structure for upper and lower stages of crushing. Dry and wet materials can be peeled at one time without clogging and the wear-resistant cutter head.

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What Is The New Style Trough Wood Debarker?

As the wood processing industry continues to develop, market demand is also constantly changing. Different materials require very different wood processing equipment. As the market gradually develops, wood processing materials are constantly updated, and the corresponding wood processing equipment is also changing. Continuously updated. In order to adapt to the new needs of the market, new log debarking machines have emerged.

The trough rotor wood debarking machine has erased the ring-type closed working platform of the old log debarking machine and replaced it with an open trough rotor wood debarking machine, which not only greatly increases the output, but also improves the production efficiency and adapts to the Market demand has also met the production needs of the vast number of wood processing manufacturers.

The working principle of the trough-type wood debarker: Load logs, branches and other wood into the drum, close the feed baffle, start the machine, and run clockwise. The wood in the drum follows the operation of the machine, so that the knife can peeled off the wood. After fifteen minutes, turn off the machine, open the discharge baffle, then start the machine and run it counterclockwise for two minutes. The debarked wood will be automatically sent out from the drum.


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What Should You Pay Attention To When Using A Log Debarking Machine?

The log debarking machine is a relatively large machine and equipment. We must pay attention to some issues during use. To avoid causing harm.

1. Before use, be sure to check whether the wires of the log debarking machine are intact to prevent fire during use.

2. The driving shaft of the log debarking machine should be lubricated regularly to avoid wear and tear.

3. Pay attention to daily maintenance, otherwise the machine and equipment will rust due to being left for a long time.

Woodworking Debark Machine Parameters(Can Be Customized)

Log dimension processing

500 *1400 mm

Rotary knife specification

1500 * 180 *16 mm

Diameter of rollers

150 mm

Linear speed


Reference output

30 m³/ day

Feeding cylinder diameter

80 mm * 2

Total Weight


Overall size

4000 * 2200 * 1800 mm

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