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Plywood Machinery-automatic Core Veneer Dryer

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Core Veneer Dryer is an essential equipment for plywood processing. This machine is used to dry veneers, ensuring they are free of moisture and defects. After peeling, you will get fresh veneer. For long products or next plywood making process we need to remove water and moisture so you need core veneer dryer or drying line.

what is core veneer dryer

The automatic core veneer dryer is an industrial drying equipment specially designed for drying a large number of wooden boards at one time. The moisture content of fresh core veneer is about 60-80%, and then we will use a dryer to dry it, and the final moisture content is about 8-12%. Machine specifications are not fixed and need to be customized according to customer requirements. For example, the moisture content, thickness, size, output, etc. of these sheets will affect the specifications of the machine. The purpose of the automatic drying process is to dry the original veneer to a suitable moisture content for bonding. Excess moisture in the board will hinder bonding and create steam during the heat pressing process. Automatic process control maintains speed, temperature and humidity within the dryer at optimal levels.

Plywood core veneer dryers are designed to be compact to maximize space utilization while providing ample drying capacity. The equipment has a high degree of automation, uniform drying and good results. This product is heated, circulated, and dehumidified in multiple stages. The wind direction adopts a multi-stage changing method. It has a high degree of automation and even moisture.

veneer dryers

Some of the main advantages of core veneer dryers

1. Increase production speed

The machine dries veneers quickly and efficiently, accelerating the drying process of these boards, which means faster production times, resulting in reduced processing time and increased productivity. This is especially important in large-scale manufacturing operations where time is of the essence.

2. Improve quality

Using a core veneer dryer can ensure that these boards are dried evenly and thoroughly. This produces a higher quality end product and ensures the boards are dried to the correct moisture content. This helps reduce imperfections and improves its overall appearance.

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