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Plywood Production Line -veneer Roller Dryer

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The drying process is one of the most important stages in manufacturing high-quality veneer and plays a vital role in ensuring that the finished product meets the required specifications. XHC's veneer roller dryer adopts the latest international pressure contact drying technology to ensure that these boards are heated evenly. It can be used for drying rubber wood, eucalyptus, birch, teak, various hardwoods, softwood, etc.

Technical description of the working principle of veneer roller dryer

Its working principle is to transport the raw materials into the drum inside the dryer, and through the continuous turning of the drum and high-temperature baking, the moisture in the wood gradually evaporates. Veneer dryers use a combination ofheat, pressure, and rapid air movement to dry veneers. The internal equipment of the dryer can set parameters such as temperature and humidity as needed to ensure the stability and effectiveness of wood drying.

Once the veneer is exposed to heat for a few seconds, it is transferred to a second, unheated roller. The second roller is designed to apply pressure to the sheet, compressing it and removing any remaining moisture. Finally, the dried sheets are cut to size and stacked for further processing. With its efficient drying speed and stable drying quality, veneer roller dryer are widely used in wood processing, especially in the production of wood products such as plywood and artificial boards.

veneer Roller Dryer

Advantages of veneer dryer:

1. Our veneer dryer has low operating noise, fast lifting speed, strong pressure stability and low maintenance rate.

2. The overall structure is compact, beautiful, stable and durable.

3. Good working quality and fast heating speed. The crushed waste wood can be directly used as fuel to provide heat source for the dryer, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, greatly reducing drying costs and being highly efficient.

4. The dried veneer is flat and smooth with uniform moisture content; the high-temperature roller and the wet veneer are in direct contact for heat transfer, resulting in high thermal efficiency, small heat loss, and reduced heat energy loss.

5. Easy to operate, reasonable in design and stable in performance.

Any precautions?

There are also some things to pay attention to when using a tumble veneer dryer. First, before entering the veneer roller dryer, These boards need to be preheated to remove any remaining moisture. The drying process requires strict control of temperature and humidity to ensure the drying effect of the wood. Secondly, suitable raw materials must be selected to ensure the quality of dry wood. Finally, the dryer requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure its long-term stable operation.

XHC's drying equipment has a high degree of automation, uniform drying and good results. This product is heated, circulated, and dehumidified in multiple stages. The wind direction adopts a multi-stage changing method. It has a high degree of automation and even moisture. It is a single board processing product.Veneer dryers are an excellent choice for manufacturers looking to produce high-quality veneer quickly and efficiently. By combining heat, pressure and rapid air movement, this equipment dries even the thinnest sheets quickly while delivering consistent, high-quality results. We specialize in the production of various types of drying equipment. If you want to know more about our products, please click to contact us!

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