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How To Choose Melamine Board

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  1. Workmanship details

Board material has particleboard, multi-layer plywood, particle board, MDF etc.plywood3

When the choose and buy melamine board, buy a thing with the supermarket same, exterior appearance is the most intuitive forever.

Identify the appearance quality from several aspects: there is no stain, scratch, indentation, pores, color gloss is uniform, there is no bubbling phenomenon, there is no local paper tear or defect phenomenon. Whether there are flaws, drums and so on are everyone's first attention.

But if there is a veneer cracked or broken phenomenon, we can use the following method to repair: first put a wet cloth in the damaged place, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth, forcing moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very tough and not easy to break. You can scrape the old glue clean first, and then apply a layer of milky white glue on the base wood, and then apply a layer of new glue, compaction, to be completely dry glue can.

2. Color and pattern

Color and decorative pattern decided furniture is beautiful, who also does not want the chest bucket ark of oneself to have look very inferior repeat decorative pattern. But the veneer board is not like wood grain brick has more than 20 kinds of patterns, because the ceramic tile is much smaller, you can batch with the same color and mix again, and the veneer paper is very big, the pattern on a piece of paper if not repeated is better.

Do not resemble the ground nevertheless furniture, have the circumstance that large-area shop sticks rarely, so upper ark board and lower ark board decorative pattern repeat also not easy to discover, the effect is not big.

3. Wood veneer thickness

The thickness of veneer layer can be observed directly in brim section, it is better to jump over thickly, jump over of course more expensive, choose according to need. 

4. Surface effect

Melamine veneer press of different steel plate, can make the surface effect of the board, divided into smooth, hemp (coarse hemp, fine hemp and velvet hemp), relief surface (large and small relief). On this basis, you can paint to achieve the effect of highlights.Do cupboard door commonly nevertheless, general cabinet body still is smooth.

melamine board2

5. Formaldehyde

In the selection must choose through environmental protection certification and formaldehyde tested furniture plate.

If the formaldehyde emission of the substrate meets environmental standards, melamine board will not produce any pollution. In fact, no matter what kind of wood processing inevitably contains a certain content of formaldehyde, the quality of glue directly determines the content of formaldehyde.Usually the environmental protection level of the board can be divided into E0,E1,E2 level.E0 is best.

It is non-toxic to humans and the environment according to environmental standards, but may cause excessive pollution if all the panels are stacked together in an enclosed space.

Selection of new furniture must pay attention to environmental protection certification and related testing reports, after decoration must be ventilated.

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