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Double Head Sanding Machine

Sanding machine is a mechanical equipment used for grinding uneven and uneven materials to smooth and even thickness.
The double-head sanding style is most commonly used because it is efficient and can be sanded on both sides of a line at the same time.
  • XHC-BSG1213R -R

  • XHC

  • 846599

Sander With Stackers For Grade Sorting


1. Sanding width


2. Sanding thicknes


3. Abrasive belt speed


4. Size of sanding belt


5. Voltage

380V  50Hz

6. Main motor

55kw*1  45KW*1

7. Transport reducer


8. Transoprt speed


9. Lifting motor


10. brushing motor


11. Total motor


12. Operating pressure


13. Dust extraction


14. Roller Diamter

300MM stainless 320 MM rubber roller

15. Dimension


16. Weight


2-head Veneer sander machine

Woodworking sanders are divided into three categories: drum type, belt type and disc type.

Drum Type Woodworking Sander

Roller sanding wood using wound abrasive cloth (paper), there are two types of single-roller and multi-roller. In addition to rotating, the drum can also reciprocate axially during processing to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. Single-roller sanding machines mostly use manual feeding, and multi-roller workpieces are fed by pressing rollers and upper and lower feeding rollers or conveyor belts. This type of sander is suitable for sanding surfaces such as plank, plywood, particleboard and fiberboard.

Belt Woodworking Sander

The endless annular abrasive belt is tensioned on 2 or 3 pulleys to drive the abrasive belt to move continuously, and a tension wheel also makes a small amount of warping to cause the abrasive belt to move laterally. Sanders for flat processing have fixed or moving tables; sanders for curved surfaces use the flexibility of the belt to process the workpiece under the pressure of the template. Broadband woodworking sanding machine has the advantages of high efficiency, can ensure processing accuracy, and simple replacement of abrasive belts. It is suitable for sanding large wood-based panels, furniture panels and decorative panels or panels before and after painting.

Disc Woodworking Sander

The workpiece is sanded with the sandpaper (cloth) that is close to the end face of the rotating disc. There are vertical and horizontal, single disc and double disc. The workpiece is fed by hand or motor for surface sanding, suitable for manufacturing such as carriages, furniture and wood molds.

Sander Use Caution

⒈ During the operation of the sanding machine, the sand disc, grinding wheel, abrasive belt, and polishing wheel may be cracked and burst at any time, and corresponding protective equipment such as glasses and helmets must be worn during operation.

⒉ During the operation of the machine, hands and feet are strictly prohibited from touching the abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel, etc.

3. Machines without effective protective measures cannot be used

⒋ A lot of dust will be generated when sanding, so wear a mask to use

⒌ The sanding equipment should be installed in a dry, ventilated place without direct sunlight

⒍ When the automatic sanding machine is used, there must be supporting dust removal equipment, otherwise it is very easy to malfunction, damage the equipment, and affect production.

⒎ Belt sanding should be adjusted in time when it is found that the belt is deviated.

⒏ Wheel sanding must confirm the exact running direction of the grinding wheel, and lock the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out.

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