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5*8FT usable Spindle wood peeling machine Line

Spindle wood peeling machine is the main equipment for the plywood production, which can peel the log into veneer in a more stable and more accurate way.

What’s The Spindle Wood Peeling Machine?

Spindle wood peeling machine is the main equipment for the plywood production, which can peel the log into veneer in a more stable and more accurate way. It can be used to peel different kinds of large diameter wood. The thickness of veneer produced by this machine is more uniform and the surface is more smooth comparing to spindleless peeling machine. Due to it’s high accuracy in thickness most of the machines are used for face veneer peeling which means less thickness veneer. But it can be used for producing high thickness veneer as well. Both are getting good results.

The defect of this machine is the center log after peeled still in little big diameter such as 8cm. If want to use this log then we have to put to spindleless peeling machine to peel it until around 2.4cm diameter.

We provide one-stop all solutions, according to customer workshop site situation and customer requirements for products and the use of raw materials, reasonable to provide the best cost-effective machines.

Key Features

Easily strips layer without clamper

Automatic control

Thickness is adjustable

High load setting

Special roller treatment

Facilitate double speed cutting

Log Peeling Machine Specifications

Substantial obligation development

High speed technology used in the manufacturing


Fully electrical control board

Uses Back-up move framework

Utilizes water driven and Pneumatic capacities

Throwing by screw sort mechanized axle

exceptionally planned for peeling medium & super little breadth logs

supplementary lacquer convalescence utility

One of a kind outline to suit Core Veneer generation line

Suitable for Tropical and Plantation Wood Species

Functions Of A Veneer Peeling Machine

1. Log feeding and centering:

The machine comes with devices to position and align the log or timber prior to going through the peeling process. This guarantees that the veneer sheets are consistently and precisely cut.

2. Rotary cutting mechanism:

The main component of the veneer peeling machine is the rotary cutting mechanism, comprised of a sharp blade or knife that peels a continuous sheet of veneer from the log while it spins. Based on the machine's settings, the thickness of the veneer can be modified.

3. Log clamping and rotation:

The log is firmly fastened in place and turned towards the cutting edge in order to create a consistent and unbroken layer of veneer. Controlling the speed and direction of rotation can help achieve the preferred thickness and quality of the veneer.

Wood Peeling Routines

This article will examine the peeling routines or ways bark is evacuated to uncover the characteristic excellence of the wood. Every peeling method utilized is connected with a conventional drawknife, permitting the expert to make precisely the look they expect. There are many manufacturers offer qualitative log peeling machine for you.

With any peeling system first take after these progressions to set up the log.

Secure the log on either end with a seat clip with enough of the measurement over the brace beat so not to hit the cinch when peeling over the closures of the log. Keep in mind too that if end will be made into a tenon end, you don't have to peel the last few inches. Subsequent to verifying your drawknife is sharp remain close by the log remaining sufficiently over to get a straight line with the feed and not an unbalanced movement or contacting far, you ought to be agreeable.

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