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25 Daylight 800tons Automatic Plywood Hot Press Machine

Hot press is the important machinery among all machines used inside the factory of plywood industries. The basic function of the hot press is to heat and bake the prepared panels of face, veneer and core. The hot press is fully functioning with a steam pressure provided by the boiler.

What Is The Intelligent Solution For The Whole Plywood Plant?

The whole plant intelligence plan is based on the principle of lean production. Benchmarks can refer to smart industrial factories. Carry out the overall design of the plywood factory automation manufacturing system, and plan and implement relevant module blueprints, including lean supply chain, factory layout, production automation reconstruction, intelligent equipment information management system design, etc. The production process of plywood production from veneer digging and repairing, core board gluing, core board core laying, core wire repairing, hot pressing, cold pressing, warehousing, etc., is realizing unmanned intelligent production.

1: Provide smooth operation space and facilitate production.

2: Arrange delivery channels to reduce transportation time.

3: Increase the production capacity per unit time and improve the production efficiency of the plywood factory.

4: Realize unmanned workshop, unmanned operation, reduce labor cost.

5: It is easy to find various irregularities and various wastes.

6: Facilitate the production monitoring of each link.

7: Provide convenience for production statistics.

8: Maintain flexibility in production and scheduling.

9: Provide employees with a convenient, comfortable and safe working environment.

What Are The Uses Of Plywood?


Some Of The Most Common Uses Of Plywood Include:

  • Light partition or external walls.

  • Formwork.

  • Furniture.

  • Flooring.

  • Structural systems.

  • Light doors and shutters.

What Is The Advantage Of Plywood?

It increases the strength of the material. It helps to bind the grains more tightly. Unnecessary expansion and wood shrinkage are avoidable for cross graining. Gives enriched spatial stability.

Why Plywood Is Used Instead Of Wood?

For all its strength, plywood is surprisingly much lighter than solid wood. That makes plywood easier to use for furniture-making. Heavier solid wood, meanwhile, can prove unwieldy or more labour-intensive, both for crafting furniture and other commercial applications

Plywood Hot Press Parameters


800 tons

Hot Platen size:





3 *320

Heating way: 

Oil or Steam

6 Advantages Of Heat Transfer Oil Heater For Hot Press

1. It is easy to install and can be placed next to the hot press to reduce the heat loss of the pipeline and save energy;

2. The heat transfer oil heater of the hot press is easy to operate, and the plastic floor editing and analysis integrated computer or PLC control, one-key start;

3. No annual inspection is required, which can save a lot of operation and maintenance costs. Features of heat transfer oil heater for hot press: 1. The heat transfer oil heater for hot press adopts PID automatic temperature control mode, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±1°C; the pipeline is integrally formed with carbon steel to reduce carbon deposition in the heat transfer oil and pipe loss. small, long service life

4. The heat transfer oil heater of the hot press has many functions such as stuck alarm, oil shortage alarm, over temperature alarm, pump and heating tube protection;

5. High temperature resistant 400℃ oil pump, high lift and large flow;

6. The heating tube of the heat transfer oil heater adopts imported electric heating wire, which has a long service life.


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