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30 Openings 4*8ft Hot Press And Cold Press

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30 openings 4*8ft hot press and cold press

1: Customer purchase, company is free to send engineers and technicians to the site for users planning the venue, design the best processes and programs.

2: Deliver some suggestions to the customer about all machines according to factory condition.

3: When all is done, the customer could place an order to our factory.

4: Our company would deliver on time.

5: Packaging with nuked and shipment.

6: Our company will send engineers and technicians to the site to install the machine.

7: Once all machine being debugged, our engineers would stay there for many days to observe all machine whether runs well or not.

8: If there is anything questionable about the machine, call us anytime. We will do our best to help you.

Information about Xinhuacheng company

Established in 2007, Xinhuacheng machine is now a major manufacturer and exporter of quality China woodworking machinery and accessories. Over the years, the growth of the company has been steady and strong - going hand in hand with continuous product improvement and customer loyalty and care. It is only through consistent service and customer satisfaction that any company can survive and prosper. This has been Xinhuacheng machine company mission and is clearly evident in the company's strength and the current range of the best quality woodworking machinery available to meet your creative applications and increased profitability. 18-30 openings 4*8ft or 3*6ft hot press and cold press are one of our main products. Also, we provide the glue mixer, glue spreader, trimming saw and so on.

Machine Features

The plywood cold & hot press machine is used for plywood production, its function is pressing the veneers with glue together under high pressure and high temperature. The machine is a hydraulic system. The heating method can be both steam heating and hot oil heating.                                          

1. Strong frame.Such as upper and bottom beam 1450mm and 1450mm, or 1200mm and 1100mm, or 1000mm and 900mm according to the pressure of the hot and cold press.

2. Fast closing speed. As the veneer within 3mm-8mm, it requests the fast closing time. If its 20 openings 4*8ft hot press, the closing time is within 25s.

3. Individual control cabinet with the touch screen.

4. Good quality electrical element: Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi 

5. The standard size of the platen is 4x8ft(1350*2700MM),  3x6ft(1050*2100MM), or can be customized

6. The main structure is welded by a thick steel plate(24mm or 30mm), and do special surface dealing.

hot press and cold press

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