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20 Openings Veneer Hot Press

Installation and adjustment 1、After finished the installation for the Mechanical parts, hydraulic system, electric control system , please clear away the sundries on the hot press(especially for the surface of the hot plates),electric cabinet, hydraulic system and so on and paint oil to the...


Plywood Hot Press Machine


Main Technical Parameters

1. Size of overall


2. Total weight


3. Upper and bottom beam

1000mm and 900mm

4. Size of hot platen


5. Layers


6. Daylight


7. Normal pressure


8. Size of oil cylinders


9. Closing time


10. Falling time


11. Heat-conducting medium


12. Energy Consumption


13. Total power


14. Working pressure

380V 50HZ

Installation And Adjustment

1. After finished the installation for the Mechanical parts, hydraulic system, electric control system, please clear away the sundries on the hot press(especially for the surface of  the hot plates),electric cabinet, hydraulic system and so on and paint oil to the guide holders(middle tray), holders and ladders(for hot plates).

2. Turn on the power and observe whether the power indicator and the voltmeter meet the requirements or not(360-410 v).Observe if the touch screen is displaying well.

3. Open the temperature control switch to make sure it's good running. Turn on the manual circulation pump switch, confirm it's running well. Open the manual inlet oil switch, confirm the electric 3-way thermostatic valve opening and closing with electricity.

4. Restore the original factory Settings on the touch screen and load the hot pressing process parameters.

General-purpose application

1. Check the Power indicator and Voltmeter.

2. Open the manual electric three-way thermostatic valve. After the temperature reaches the set value, turn off the three-way thermostatic valve.

3. There is the trial operation of the machine at first time. Until the trial operation is finished, the middle tray would be declined to the bottom.

4. The glued board shall be sent to the lift platform by hydraulic forklift and then put into the automatic feeding rack.

5. Press the feeding button which send the each layers to the hot pressing plate.

6. Press the start button. The oil cylinder rising which makes the middle tray jacking. With the increasing of pressure , the each of layers is pressed tightly, and then automatic pressure maintaining, filling pressure, heating, cooling. After finishing maintaining pressure, the system open the unloading valve pressure and the middle tray falling automatically. The step of hot pressing is finished.

7. After the each layers dropping is in place. Please press the feeding button, and the finished boards will be pushed to the discharging rack by the feeding rack. At the same time, the boards in the feeding rack are also pushing to the each hot plates.

8. When the fan stops in the discharging rack, please remove the cooling plate layer by layer and stack it neatly.

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