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1200T Doule Side Melamine Lamination Heat Press Machine

It is mainly used in 1200T-2000T double side lamination of melamine paper for MDF, chipboard, and plywood.It can laminate the board in matt,glossy,relief furniture plate.
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What Is A Veneer Laminating Heat Press Machine?

The veneer laminating heat press is a kind of machine used for hot pressing and bonding wood-based panels (particle board, plywood). All kinds of relatively flat plates on the market are basically operated on the veneer laminating heat press, because The press leveling effect is better. The wood-based panels produced by the veneer laminating heat press mainly include: wooden doors, building partitions, particle boards, etc. The decoration includes: upholstery cloth, colored decorative wood chips, decorative paper and fireproof board, etc. All kinds of large and small decorative boards can be produced by veneer laminating heat press, so no matter what kind of board needs a veneer laminating heat press is indispensable for high-quality shaping.

The hot pressing system of the veneer laminating heat press heats up quickly, the heating system and the heat conduction system have been carefully designed in sections, the heat consumption is low, and the heat conduction is uniform; the structure design is reasonable, the accessories are processed with high precision, the process parameters can be adjusted in a wide range, and the control process is designed It is reasonable and can meet the technical requirements of various veneer production. It is suitable for press and bonding of furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and various wood-based panels.

Specific Plywood Machine

If there is a specific plywood machine that you’re interested in, then feel free to skip ahead by using one of the links below:

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How To Choose Veneer Laminating Heat Press?

Veneer laminating heat press has double veneer hot press and single veneer hot press. irreplaceable advantages. In use, the material utilization rate of the single veneer press is very high compared to the double veneer press, which shows that there is less loss when trimming, thereby reducing processing costs and maximizing the use of resources . In addition, the production cycle of the single veneer press is relatively short, the control operation is simple, the pre-cured layer is thin, and the use of numerical control technology can also realize an automated production system. 

The probability of failure during the use of the single-sided veneer press is very low, and its components have a longer service life, so the maintenance cost is lower. The most important advantage of the single veneer press machine is that it can produce and cut according to the needs of customers, which can greatly meet the various requirements of users. Most of the processed products are large-format specifications, and of course it occupies a relatively large area. , but in general, the single veneer press does not need the pre-press, loading machine and conveyor to be used together. The advantages in application are very prominent, which is why the single veneer laminating heat press and the double veneer laminating heat press the main reason why presses are popular in the market. We can mainly choose according to the process and production requirements.

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What Scenarios Are Short-cycle Veneer Laminating Heat Press Suitable For?

The short-cycle veneer laminating heat press is a kind of machine used for hot pressing and bonding wood-based panels (particle board, plywood).It can be divided into two types: one is a simple press, with small investment, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance, and relatively high production efficiency; the other is a short-cycle press line with a large investment , Large area, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency.

The short-cycle veneer veneer laminating heat press veneer press series models are suitable for medium-sized furniture factories or small wood-based panel secondary processing (professional veneer) factories, used for hot-press bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and in various Wood-based panels: such as plywood, blockboard, medium-fiber board, and particle board with various decorative materials (decorative paper, decorative cloth, melamine fireproof board, metal foil, artificial and natural veneer, and natural veneer parquet), which cannot be used Drying and leveling of veneer, leveling and shaping of colored decorative wood chips.

What's Different About Short Cycle Veneer Laminating Heat Press?

The difference of the short-cycle veneer laminating heat press mainly refers to the difference in the hydraulic system, thermal oil and secondary circulation system, temperature control system, hydraulic oil cooling system, electrical system, and degree of automation, resulting in different products.

The main purpose of short-cycle veneer Laminate flooring process. Laminate flooring, also known as impregnated paper laminate flooring (laminate flooring), refers to one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, paved on the surface of particleboard, high (medium) Balanced paper, plus a wear-resistant layer on the front, heat-pressed, and heat-pressed to form the floor.

What Is The Difference Between A Veneer Laminating Hot Press And A Plywood Hot Press?

1. Plywood hot press, from a professional point of view, is mainly used in the production of plywood, and is used for hot pressing and gluing. Moreover, if the types of plywood are different, then the performance requirements for the heat press are also different.

In addition, the operation mode of this kind of hot press machine is periodic operation and continuous operation. In terms of composition, there are three parts: the main body, the control drive part and the heating system.

2. The veneer laminating heat press mainly presses the impregnated paper on the particleboard and fiberboard through the hot press to play a decorative role. It is mainly used in furniture factories and in the secondary processing of wood-based panels. The products can be mainly divided into: furniture board and floor, the main difference between furniture board and floor is the type of impregnated paper pasted.

The veneer laminating heat press is divided into single veneer and double veneer, and it is mainly used for heat pressing veneer, but not for other purposes.

Therefore, there are still obvious differences between these two hot presses. Although they are both classified as hot presses, their main processing methods and workpieces are different.

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Can The Plywood Heat Press Be Used As A Veneer Laminating Heat Press?

Since they are two different heat presses, the plywood heat press cannot fully achieve the purpose of the veneer heat press. The veneer laminating heat press is developed to solve the limitation of the veneer on the basis of the plywood hot press. And in terms of pressure, the plywood heat press cannot meet the requirements, and the pressure of the veneer laminating heat press is relatively high. In addition, we also need to know that the larger the tonnage of the  veneer laminating heat press, the better the veneer effect.

The Veneer Laminating Heat Press , Can It Be A Single Layer Or A Multi-layer Heat Press?

There is no relationship between the veneer laminating heat press and the single-layer or multi-layer heat press. Because they are the specific types obtained by the heat press according to different standards. Therefore, the veneer laminating heat press can be single-layer or multi-layer.

What Is The Working Principle Of Veneer Laminating Heat Press Machine?

The working principle of the veneer laminating heat press is a complete set of equipment for hot-pressing plywood under vacuum (or other atmospheres). It mainly uses resistance or induction heating, and the pressure head driven by the oil cylinder presses up and down. The veneer hot press is widely used in cemented carbide, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc. for hot pressing and sintering under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, and can also be hot pressed and sintered under the condition of inflatable maintenance. At high temperature, the solid particles of the green body are bonded to each other, the grains grow, and the voids (pores) and grain boundaries are gradually reduced. Through the transfer of substances, the total volume shrinks, the density increases, and then it becomes a microstructure. Dense polycrystalline sintered body, and then press the material into shape. The combination of high temperature, pressure and vacuum or atmosphere can significantly improve the density, hardness and other mechanical, electronic and thermal properties of the product.

What Is The Combination Of Veneer Laminating Heat Press Machine?

The veneer laminating heat press is generally composed of the following mechanical systems:

1. Vacuum system:

Oil dispersion pump, Roots pump, mechanical pump with electromagnetic differential pressure valve (to avoid sudden power failure, mechanical pump oil backfill), inflation valve, air release valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum pressure gauge, bellows, vacuum tube composed of roads and supports.

2. Hydraulic system: 

Electric input mode is adopted. The hydraulic station is equipped with imported proportional valves, pressure sensors, grating scales (ranging accuracy), hydraulic cylinders and other related hydraulic equipment for displacement displays. The pressure adjustment is semi-automatic and can be adjusted manually. The surface can be set to automatically adjust the pressure, and can realize pressure stabilization and pressure maintenance.

3. Water-cooling system: 

It is composed of various valves and pipeline-related equipment, and is equipped with sound and light alarm for water cut-off to automatically cut off the heating source or function.

4. Temperature control system: 

SCR is used for temperature control, equipped with PID function meter, digital display meter, with over-temperature sound and light alarm function, and PLC touch screen can also be used for automatic control, and historical data is saved to facilitate the analysis of sintering process. With the continuous development of the PCB board of electronic products in the direction of miniaturization, eliminating or reducing the void and oxidation of soldering materials has become the condition of vacuum soldering hot press technology, but the traditional reflow soldering technology is difficult to meet this high reliability soldering requirement . Therefore, it can reduce the oxidation of pads or component pins, reduce the void rate of vacuum reflow soldering, and achieve high soldering quality.

What Are The Advantages Of Vacuum Reflow Soldering Of Veneer Laminating Heat Press?

1. Low production cost and good quality vacuum reflow soldering can not only reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste from the source, but also do not need compressed gas and maintenance gas, which greatly saves costs. Secondly, the built-in recovery system of the complete standard vacuum reflow soldering greatly reduces the loss of vapor phase liquid. Afterwards, maintaining the conveyor system makes it possible to have low-cost daily maintenance costs.

2. High reliability. The welding process of economical vacuum reflow soldering is completed in the vapor phase layer. The lazy atmosphere environment can eliminate bubbles, impurities, etc. in the welding to the greatest extent, and then eliminate the oxidation of solder joints, thereby increasing the reliability of welding.

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Melamine Lamination Hot Press Machine Parameters

Items model








Veneer size




Unit pressure




Hot plate size




Main oil cylinder dia&number




Lifting cylinder dia&number








Closeing time




Working pressure








Main motor power




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