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how to maintain the 1200T Laminating Hot Press?

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The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and be filtered before pouring into the tank. Cleanliness has a great impact on the normal operation of the system. Please pay enough attention to the oil and replace it at least once every six months.

1. Carefully clean the pipeline and oil tank when changing the oil. The filter in the cooler should be cleaned and replaced regularly. The oil level should be checked regularly to ensure that its works within the range indicated by the oil meter.

2. The production equipment should be maintained regularly, and attention should be paid to the threaded connection parts to prevent looseness ,and then tighten timely.

3. Tighten the bolts again after the insulation using for two months. Check the cushion regularly. If it has lost its elasticity, replace it in time.

4. The pneumatic triplets on the loading and unloading devices shall be maintained on a daily basis, the water distributor shall be emptied, and the oil mist device shall be filled.

5. The tightness of all of the chain wheel and chain shall be appropriate. Grease shall be added once a week. The belt shall be appropriately tightened. Driving and driven shaft is adjusted in parallel.

6. ①It is very important to remove the stainless steel plate and cushion pad.(Notes: To protect stainless steel plate well)

②Put a wood core between the upper and down hot platen.

③Close the main cylinders valve when the upper hot platen getting higher.

④Remove the pipeline of prefilled valve and then pump out the oil from the pipeline..(It is easy to install to remove all the prefilled valve, or not.)

⑤Connecting bolts are stuck in the piston to prevent slippage.

⑥Remove all the bolts (32 pcs) of cylinder upper deck.

⑦Lift cylinders decline to enough space for removing and observing.

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