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Multifunctional automatic press plywood pressing machine by cold press

The machine is widely used in furniture, using frame structure, has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation,convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance. The hammer fast hit process, ensure the plate furniture assembly in place, good assembly effect, pressure head and the work table covered with rubber plate, pressure and prevent furniture scratch, is the best equipment combination furniture assembly.

Why Choose Our Cold Press Machine?

1. Our machine's most of electrical components selection of Schneider or the Siemens, main parts have option has CE authentication products.
2. Our machine's Steel plate are based on the pressure's requires to custom, to achieve our commitment pressure, quality assurance.
3. The upper and lower pliers by the gantry milling finishing, to ensure absolute formation.
4. The use of hydraulic system work, lifting speed, pressure uniformity, high efficiency.
5. With over pressure automatic control circuit and pressure off the oil protection, automatic lift, automatic oil off.
6. Fast and efficient pressing, emergency safety braking, trip limited device.
7. Automatic compression and unloading pressure function.
8. Workbench height convenient worker operation.

What Is Cold Pressing And Hot Pressing?

Cold pressed oil means the inputs are pressed in a low temperature. To put in a lighter note, the seeds are pressed raw without roasting. Hot pressed oil means the seeds are roasted and pressed under very high temperature.

6 Features Of Plywood Cold Press Machine

1. Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance
2. Fast and efficient pressing.
3. Emergency safety braking.
4. Trip limited device.
5. Automatic compression and unloading pressure function
6. Work-table height convenient for human body.



XHC Cold Press Machine

Press platen dimensions


Max.total thrust


Pressure of hydraulic system


Max.platen opening

1000mm(1300mm optional)

Oil cylinder

125mmx2pcs 90mmx2pcs

Hydraulic motor power


Overall dimensions


Woodworking Hydraulic Cold Press Machine Flash Door Press Machine

Hydraulic cold presses machine are widely used in furniture production plants, audio factories, wood factories, decoration companies, advertising companies to press furniture panels, wooden doors, plywood, multilayer panels, solid wood doors, steel doors, stainless steel bathroom doors, kitchen aluminum cabinets Doors, heating bricks, foam plastics, etc. For the leveling and shaping of various wood panels and furniture, the wood panels can be bonded more firmly.



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