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Wood-based Plywood Hot Press Machine

Wood-based composites are usually manufactured by consolidating mats of resinated wood material (veneers, particles, or fibers) under heat and pressure for a certain period of time . Owing to the difference of raw material elements, wood-based composites can be divided into two types, namely, veneer-based wood composites and non–veneer-based wood composites. Plywood was the first created wood-based composite, followed by particleboard and fiberboard.


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Hydraulic Plywood Laminating Hot Press Machine

Hot press is the important machinery among all machines used inside the factory of plywood industries. The basic function of the hot press is to heat and bake the prepared panels of face, veneer and core. The hot press is fully functioning with a steam pressure provided by the boiler. It should be noted that if proper steam pressure is not provided at the time of pressing the panels then quality output cannot be found. In fact the technical specification of the hot press is depending on annual production requirement of the industries. The technical specification on the hot press normally used in small scale plywood industries is of 640 tones capacity complete with heating plates, bolt case, pressing table, electrical panels, and cylindrical ram unit.


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Hydraulic Heat Press Machine for Plywood Making

Most heat presses currently on the market use an aluminum upper-heating element with a heat rod cast into the aluminum or a heating wire attached to the element. For high-volume operations involving the continuous imprinting of items, automatic shuttle and dual platen transfer presses are used. The substrates to be imprinted are continuously loaded onto the lower platen and shuttled under the heat platen, which then applies the necessary heat and pressure.

1. Heating platens:

The hot press machine contains heating platens that produce heat evenly on the plywood panels' surface. The adhesive (like urea-formaldehyde or phenol-formaldehyde glue) is activated by the heat, allowing the layers of wood to bond together.

2. Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is utilized by the hot press machine to exert pressure on the plywood panels while they are being pressed. Pressure is important for making sure the layers stick together well and for achieving a consistent thickness and density in the final plywood product.


Plywood hot press machine

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