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Plywood Core Patching Machine

Plywood core patching machine,welcome to inquiry.


Plywood Veneer Patching Machine

In the production process of wood-based plywood, many wood boards have some natural defects. So, for a long time, most Chinese plywood manufacturers have adopted manual repair methods. Even if they are directly repaired with a knife mold, they can only distinguish the shape and block, and then manually fill the paper tape or hot melt adhesive wire, which becomes the cost of processing materials and labor. The cost is also time-consuming, depending on the impact on the appearance after repair.

Now, our company has developed an automatic plywood patching machine, which uses a die, die and upper and lower punches to automatically complete all repair work, filling the gap in the industry. Plywood amending machine is suitable for repairing various veneers. It is simple, fast in repair, saves a lot of manpower, reduces production costs, and improves the quality of the board.

Validity period: 60 days

Payment: 30% T/T deposit is prepaid as a deposit, and the balance is paid by T/T before sending.

Packaging: Plastic film packaging, can be directly put into the container.

Delivery: about 30 days after receiving the deposit.

Warranty: The warranty period provided by the machine is one year for mechanical parts and three months for electrical parts. 


Working width:

1400 mm

Glue roller:

2×396 mm

Doctor roller :


Rotate speed of glue roller:

0~33   rpm

Rotate speed of doctor roller:

0~8 rpm

Feeding speed:

0~42 m/min



Overall dimension (l×w×h):


Approx weight:

2400 kg

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