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Roller Dryer For Core Veneer

4 layers roller type Veneer dryer machine for core, welcome to inquiry.


Veneer Core Dryer Machine Manufacturer

1.Three-layer net with roller compound veneer dryer with net with roller two kinds of structure, can be at the same time for surface and bottom plate and thick core plate drying operations, with a small occupation area, one machine dual-use characteristics.

Compound veneer dryer can be combined into a layer of mesh belt and two layers of rollers or two layers of mesh belt and one layer of rollers according to the different proportions of the user's opposite bottom plate and core plate output requirements. This machine is a straight-through horizontal circulation veneer dryer, its design combined with the European dryer technical advantages, the use of centrifugal ventilator with volute (flow of 45,000 m 3 /h or more). New type heat exchanger, rectangular variable section jet box. Ensure that the jet air acting on the surface of the veneer is uniform. The number of sections of heating chamber can be increased or decreased according to the user's output requirements to obtain the maximum production capacity with the minimum input. Core veneer dryer machine is divided into two heating areas, and the heat fans in the two heating rooms are arranged separately, so as to ensure that the final moisture content of the dried veneer is the same at each point.

2. Drying equipment configuration scheme (see attached picture)

Introduction Of The Structure

1. Rack: 

10# standard channel steel and 12# standard I-beam steel are used as the main materials for the frame.

2. Sprocket and net belt: 

76 outer diameter special steel pipe,45# steel precision casting sprocket, tooth quenching treatment.

In order to adapt to thin veneer drying, mesh belt layer mesh belt configuration bar distance medium carbon steel wire mesh belt brazing edge sealing.

The automatic rectifying device of mesh belt refers to the structure design of the thin wood dryer made by German Babcock-BSH company. The two-stage adjusting screen hassensitive action and multiple safety guarantees. The roller layer is made of Φ100X2.5 special steel pipe, and the gear between the upper and lower rollers is specially designed to ensure the synchronization of transmission speed under the condition of different plate thicknesses. The roller spacing is designed to be 333.333mm (6 rows /1 section).

3.Spray box: 

Variable cross section model, the length of each nozzle orifice hot air jet speed is consistent, to ensure that the final water content of the veneer is uniform. Mesh belt layer spray box diversion nozzle, stable air flow; Roller jet box guide corrugated orifice plate, effectively prevent plate blocking. Made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, rust and corrosion resistant long service life. Heat fan: centrifugal fan with large flow and high static pressure imported from Germany. Vertical structure, manganese steel impeller, equipped with non-ferrous metal fireproof friction ring to effectively avoid internal fire risk, American TIMken bearing easy lubrication, Beinen series motor, 5V cutting type drive belt, high transmission efficiency and durability.

4. Insulation wall panel: 

Both internal and external surfaces are made of cold-rolled sheet, filled with high-density ultra-fine insulation cotton board, smooth appearance, high-temperature foaming silicone sealing strip, good sealing effect, easy to open and close.

5. Driving motor: 

Variable frequency speed regulating motor of TECO brand in Taiwan.

6. Heat circulation system: 

Direct heat exchange of high temperature flue gas is adopted to reduce heat exchange and avoid waste of heat energy.

The residual temperature of tail gas after heat exchange is recycled and used again, and the air is reheated by the air preheater to save heat energy.

7. Electronic control system: 

The main electrical components are manufactured by Schneider Electric license from France, Huichuan frequency conversion controller, reasonable layout of control cabinet, beautiful appearance, convenient operation.

The internal components of the equipment are sprayed with red lead antirust primer or high temperature resistant silver powder paint. After installation, the outer surface parts are sprayed with spinning machine green polyamine crease paint.

8. Graphite bearing: 

High quality high purity electrochemical graphite bearing, reliable material, reasonable formula, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to break and durable.

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