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Plywood Face/Back Finishing Sander Machine

Plywood finishing sander machine is our main products in our company.Welcome to inquiry.


Manufacturer Of Plywood Working Machines

As the leading manufacturer of plywood working machines in China, we have a proven history of manufacturing and producing high-quality woodworking machines and plywood. Over the years, we have had a chance to produce woodworking machines for a multitude of applications and uses; carving out a strong position for ourselves as the industry's best. Our factory can produce the 30 Set/Sets per Month. 

Trimming Plywood

After being unloaded from the press and after cooling, panels are trimmed to precise sizes usually by passing through two sets of parallel gauged circular saws.The edges of an untrimmed plywood panel are more irregular, for example compared to particleboard. So, the panel is ether introduced into the trimming saws by hand with the aid of shadow lines, or greater trimming margins must be allowed. This ensures that panels are rectangular and straight edged.

Sanding And Finishing Plywood

The wide belt sander has been used to an increasing extent. Their development for plywood finishes allows the manufacture to produce high quality finishes at high production rates. The machines are available with one or several belts wit feeds speeds up to about 30m/min being possible. 

These machines can bring the stock to its final required thickness as well as provide a final finish. For this double task the panel may best be sanded by two or more belts, or given serval passes through a single head machine with finer grit papers for each succeeding operation. The top belt machine is more commonly used over the bottom belt machine as the operator can continuously observe the panels surface. After sanding, boards are graded for defects.

Problem To Be Aware Of When Plywood Sanding

Vessels in hardwoods in oblique or radial chains can give trouble later in sanding and finishing. Loose cut veneer can affect the decorative value of the final product by the cracks extending with time through the face and so marring the polish.

Face/back Sanding Machine

Paramters As Following

1. Sanding width


2. Sanding thickness


3. Abrasive belt speed


4. Size of sanding belt


5. Voltage

380V 50Hz

6. Main motor


7. Transport reducer


8. Transoprt speed


9. Lifting motor


10. brushing motor


11. Total motor


12. Operating pressure

0.6MPa(constant voltage)

13. Dust extraction

7000m³/per hour

14. Roller Diamter


15. Dimension


16. Weight




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