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Veneer Dryer For Face

Face veneer dryer machine (MESH AND ROLLER COMBINED),Welcome to inquiry.


Why Need Drying Wood Veneer?

Moisture content is one of the most important factors that can affect many physical and mechanical properties of wood and veneers. It strongly affects the final strength and durability of joints, development of surface checks in the wood and dimensional stability of the bonded assembly.


Plywood is a very strong and durable composite panels made from three or more wood veneers bonded together with an adhesive. In order to reduce the shrinkage and improve the strength of plywood, layers are glued together so that the wood grain in each veneer layer is perpendicular to the grain of the previous layer.  

Veneer dryer

The main principle of the roller dryer is to use a biomass burner to burn waste wood and convert it into heat, or to recover the waste heat in the exhaust gas during the drying process, and work through a compressor. The energy is delivered to the oven, the hot air in the dryer is heated repeatedly, absorbs the moisture in the material, cools and humidifies itself, and removes the moisture through the dehumidification process of hot air or condensation. Realize continuous drying of materials. Wood drying equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with good drying effect, low operating cost, low labor cost, and wide range of use.


3 Advantages Of Using Veneer Dryers:

1. Efficient drying process:

Veneer dryers offer a controlled and effective drying method for thin wood veneers. Their purpose is to efficiently and uniformly extract moisture from the veneers, guaranteeing even drying outcomes.

2. Improved product quality:

Veneer dryers contribute to improving veneer quality by regulating drying factors like temperature, moisture content, and drying duration. This leads to increased stability, decreased warping or cracking, and enhanced aesthetic of the end product.

3. Increased productivity:

Comparing veneer dryers to conventional air drying methods reveals that veneers can dry more quickly. This quicker drying speed allows for higher production rates, which reduces processing time overall and boosts output.


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