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Why Choose Roller Face Veneer Dryer

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Roller Face Veneer Dryer is a main equipment designed to dry veneers quickly and effectively, also known as drum veneer dryer.Freshly peeled boards have a higher moisture content. This machine is used to dry fresh noodles and back plates to dry noodles and back plates. The moisture content of fresh noodles and backing board is about 60-80%, and then dried in a dryer. Final moisture content is approximately 8-10%. The wood is sliced and then undergoes a drying process. The boards are then dried to remove moisture from the wood and bring it to the perfect moisture content. High moisture content can lead to poor quality wood products, which can negatively impact end users such as furniture manufacturers.

Features and advantages of Roller Face Veneer Dryer

Traditional veneer drying methods include air drying, kiln drying, hot press drying, etc. These methods have proven to be slow, inefficient, and result in poor quality veneers. The dryer is composed of a transmission chamber, a drying chamber, a cooling chamber and other parts. This equipment has small one-time investment and outstanding cost performance advantages. It is a high-tech product with a new concept. It effectively solves the main problems in the wood drying process, such as difficulty in drying, long drying cycle, uneven drying, easy cracking, deformation, and low yield.

1. High speed drying

One of the main advantages of single-deck tumble dryers is their high-speed drying capabilities. The device can dry in just a few hours, whereas traditional drying methods can take days. Heating temperature is consistent. Our hot air stove can ensure consistent heating temperature and will not rise or fall too fast;

2. Improve quality

Veneer drum dryers eliminate the risk of damage to the panels during the drying process. Traditional drying methods leave visible defects on the surface, affecting its quality. This equipment can also ensure uniform drying and high efficiency, ensuring your final dry veneer output;

3. Energy saving

Veneer drum dryers are more energy efficient than traditional drying methods, saving manufacturers energy costs. Using advanced technology in the drying process helps reduce drying time and energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

4. High cost performance

Using a veneer deck tumble dryer can reduce overall production costs for lumber manufacturers. With reduced drying time and improved quality, manufacturers can produce more wood products, thereby increasing revenue.

5. Save space

This product has the characteristics of small space and large usage. It is designed with the purpose of economy, reliability and high-end, ensuring the increase of output, product improvement and product reduction. Energy consumption and production costs, as well as satisfactory growth benefits.

Our roller face veneer dryer adopts the latest international pressure contact veneer drying technology to ensure that these boards are heated evenly. Can be used to dry rubber wood, eucalyptus, birch, teak, various hardwoods, softwoods, etc. Premium veneer dryers produce the highest quality products directly. For more product information, please click to contact us!

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