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What Is Veneer Dryer Press Machine?

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Breathing veneer dryer is also called solid veneer dryer. This dryer is an improved design based on the original hot press. It is designed to dry wood veneers through heat and pressure. This machine is used after cutting boards from logs and is designed to reduce their moisture content to a specific level. This is important to ensure that these boards are stable and consistent in all aspects of use.

Why is it so important?

When a board has too much moisture, it can deform and become unstable when exposed to different environments. This can lead to various problems such as product cracking, splitting, or even complete failure. The purpose of the automatic drying process is to dry the raw veneer to a suitable moisture content for bonding. Excessive moisture in the veneer will prevent bonding and create steam during the hot pressing process. Automatic process control maintains speed, temperature and humidity within the dryer at optimal levels. Additionally, when veneer is used in furniture, wall panels, cabinets, and other applications, it is important to ensure that it is durable, stable, and free of any visible defects. Good drying results and easy operation make the solid press dryer the best choice for plywood production.

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Features of veneer dryer

It features an upper filling oil cylinder and a saturated steam or thermal oil heating plate. It is easy to install and debug, has high productivity and low energy consumption. This structure makes it very efficient and productive. The machine can automatically control the drying and smoothing process according to the predetermined process. It can dry any core veneer with a thickness of more than 1mm, especially suitable for drying thick veneers.

XHC's veneer dryers feature a synchronized closed system that ensures equal drying time for each layer, allowing all wood layers to dry evenly. The board is very smooth after drying. This device allows for better control of the drying process. Manufacturers can precisely adjust temperature, pressure and drying time to produce products that meet their specific requirements. This means the board can be dried to the precise moisture content, which is important to ensure it is stable and durable. XHC is a professional woodworking machinery supplier. Veneer dryers are essential equipment to significantly improve the quality of veneer products. Different models have different drying capabilities. For more product information, please click to contact us!

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