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What Is Plywood And How Is Made

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So, what is Plywood? “A type of timber” is an answer you’d probably get from most people, but what is it really? What is plywood made of? What separates it from other wood products? Most importantly, why is it the perfect choice for your next project?

Besides being one of the most popular wood products in the world, Plywood is a sheet material that is brought to life by combining layers of wood veneer, which are then glued together. It’s also incredibly notable for being able to resist splitting, minimising expansion and shrinkage and being incredibly stable compared to a lot of its other competitors.

Believe it or not, Plywood has actually been around since 1797.
The manufacturing process for how plywood is made has changed and become more advanced since Samuel Bentham started combining layers of wood veneer with glue, but overall, the theory of creating Plywood is still mostly the same despite being around for over two centuries!

From being selected on the plantation, to the Plywood mill where the wood is debarked, peeled, and then heated to extreme temperatures, Xinhuacheng will walk you through every step of the Plywood process until our beautiful Ply is in your very own hands.

How Plywood is made is actually an extremely unique and interesting process, so we hope by peeling the curtain back you’re able to learn a thing or two and feel like a true expert on the product during your next project.

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