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What Is Laminated Veneer Lumber

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Laminated Veneer Lumber is a versatile wooden product. It is a highly robust engineered wood created from numerous layers of veneers bonded layer by layer using adhesives. Due to its remarkable strength, it is well suited for structural functions.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Benefits of Laminated Veneer Laminate (LVL)

1. High Strength and Durability

LVL's dimension isn't constrained via log length, and it may be reduce to personalized sizes and widhtas. Additionally, its electricity, balance, and resilience permit better layout freedom in development tasks. Moreover, they could be both glued or bolteditogether to create longer beams or bigger panels. In relation to its density, LVL is considered one of the maximum powerful wooden constructing materials.

2. Dimensional Stability

LVL has first-rate dimensional steadiness and may effectively forecast the mechanical residences of the ultimate product due to its standardized production pleasant with minimal quantity of faults or even distribution of flaws. This makes the product extra steady and much less liable to environmental modifications inclusive of temperature and humidity.


LVL may be produced in special forms relying at the objective. It additionally has the big benefit of successfully utilizing forest assets. It has a extensive variety of packages which includes beams, beam, roof joists, ground joists, and so forth.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a sustainable building fabric crafted from quick-developing, raw- substances-green bushes, frequently developed in controlled forests. Furthermore, it's far an extremely excessive energy-to weight ratio, making it an appropriate alternative for metal in plenty of construction programs.

Automatic Core Veneer Jointer Machine

Automatic Core Veneer Jointer Machine

This device is primarily used to supply plywood, sandwich panels, LVL, flooring substrates, fixtures boards, construction boards, membrane boards, box boards, membrane boards, container boards, melamine boards, and so forth. It also can be used for vertical splicing of rotary-reduce mid-boards. The center veneer splicing tool makes use of an infrared location gadget to discover the thickness of the veneer to make sure that the connection manner is exact and specific.

XHC is some of the leading businesses in wooden working tools. Laminated veneer lumber is a versatile, sustainable, and value-powerful building fabric that presents many benefits over conventional wooden merchandise. LVL is simple to apply and decreases the overall quantity of fabrics wanted for a venture. As a producer and exporter of plywood creation machinery, we are taking significant steps ahead within the area. The diameter and duration of the rubber rollers of our plywood gluing machines conform to enterprise requirements. For greater records, please click on Contact Us!

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