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What Is Cold Pressing in Plywood?

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Plywood is a commonly used material in the construction industry. It can be used to press furniture panels, wooden doors, various panels, and the leveling and shaping of furniture to ensure a strong bond between panels. However, not all plywood is created equal. Their quality depends on their strength, durability and appearance. One of the most important factors affecting the quality of plywood is its manufacturing process. Cold pressing is one of the methods of manufacturing plywood. The following is an introduction to this equipment. Its electrical components are selected from Chinese famous brand products, and the main components are optionally equipped with CE certified products.

cold pressed plywood

The importance of choosing the right plywood

Our XHC machine steel plates are all customized according to pressure requirements to achieve the pressure and quality assurance we promise. This is critical to ensuring the quality of construction projects. Cold-pressed plywood is made by laminating hardwood veneers together, with the grains oriented at right angles to each other. One feature that distinguishes cold presses from other similar options is fast and efficient pressing. The pressing results for all batches are accurate, but even better, these machines always press quickly. Plywood cold presses have a safety feature called emergency braking. If at any time the operator feels the need to stop suppression, the emergency brake must be pressed and operations will stop immediately.

Additionally, cold pressed plywood has a smooth and consistent surface, making it ideal for applications that require a smooth surface. It is also less prone to surface imperfections commonly found in solid wood, such as knots, voids and patches. As a result, this machine has excellent dimensional stability, which means it maintains its shape and size even under extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Maintenance and maintenance of plywood cold press

To maintain the efficiency and longevity of your cold press, proper maintenance and upkeep is essential.

1. Regular cleaning

This step is very important. This includes cleaning the platens and making sure they are free of debris and glue. It is also important to check that the pistons and cylinders are clean and free of debris.

2. Lubrication

Lubrication is vital if you want your machine to keep running smoothly. Lubricate pistons and cylinders and other moving parts in your machine regularly.

3. Regular inspection

This step is very important to ensure that all parts are working properly. This includes checking hydraulic or mechanical systems as well as electrical systems.

4. Replacement parts

Any worn or damaged parts need to be replaced immediately. This includes replacing any damaged pressure plates, worn piston seals or damaged electrical components.

Cold pressing is an effective method for manufacturing plywood, and is also suitable for modern fashion boards, particle boards, laminates, artificial boards, furniture manufacturing, solid wood furniture, etc. It can produce boards with uniform thickness, improved appearance, higher density, higher strength and longer service life. Choosing the correct board grade, thickness and finish is critical to ensuring the quality of your construction project.

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