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What Is A Veneer Dryer Line?

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For many veneer producers, the drying stage is one of the most important stages of producing plywood, and understanding how these boards are dried can take your entire production to a new level of modernity and quality.

The industry produces thin sheets as well as thick panels for furniture and building materials. Although there are many drying methods, such as natural drying, various board drying equipment, etc., the basic principle is the same, that is, using the moisture content gradient along the thickness direction of the wood to make the water vapor larger inside and smaller outside. Drying of these boards typically involves using hot, humid air from a dryer to drive moisture out of it. Veneer drying is part of the overall plywood and LVL production process.

Veneer dryers

Veneer dryers help improve the quality of veneers by removing moisture and ensuring the veneers are dry before use. The optimal target final moisture content will vary depending on the wood material and end product, so this should be considered in each case. For optimal drying results, process measurement, optimized process control and conditions guarantee the perfect moisture content of each sheet. This prevents the finished product from warping and cracking, and when the drying process is at its optimal level, you'll see the results immediately. The result is a higher quality end product.

The plywood dryer produced by our company is a new product for veneer drying and has high drying capacity. By optimizing veneer drying conditions, equipment and processes, you can produce higher quality veneers while reducing energy consumption, raw material usage and waste. In addition, the XHC veneer drum dryer is equipped with automatic temperature control and speed adjustment systems to ensure consistent moisture content, and the machine has higher drying capacity.

Veneer dryers are designed to dry veneer quickly and efficiently, allowing manufacturers to produce more products in less time. This helps increase production and reduce costs, making it ideal for manufacturers looking to expand the scale of their operations.

Our equipment is finely processed and has a long service life. The frame uses high-quality special-shaped steel pipe trusses and columns, which have good rigidity, firm connections, simple structure, and easy installation. Xinhuacheng produces various veneer dryers, veneer rotary cutting machines and other related products. For more product information, please click to contact us!

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