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What Is A Mesh Veneer Dryer?

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The veneer drying line is an essential machine for humidity drying of veneers. It uses the principle of hot air to dry veneer sheets. It consists of a series of rollers covered with a mesh covering. The veneer passes through rollers and hot air is blown through the mesh covering, drying the veneer. Using a mesh cover in a dryer facilitates the circulation of hot air, providing a more efficient drying process.

Why does the humidity of veneer have to be dry?

The veneer comes from wood processed by a veneer lathe. The wood has moisture, especially some hardwoods. Customers will boil it before peeling. Therefore, the moisture of the veneer after peeling is higher. Different wood veneer varieties will be different. Usually Between 40-70%. Veneer is the material used to make a variety of products including plywood, furniture, and other wood products. Obviously, such high humidity is impossible to produce. The humidity of the veneer should be as low as possible, around 10%, but still dry enough for bonding.

Mesh veneer dryers are versatile and can be used to dry various types of veneer, including but not limited to rotary cutting, slicing, and rotary cutting. It can also handle different types of wood species, from softwood to hardwood.

Veneer drying production line

Veneer drying production line type

Including two types, one is drum type and the other is mesh type veneer dryer. The biggest difference between them is the delivery method. The first is a drum veneer dryer. Conveying, the latter is mesh veneer conveying. After the veneer is dried, the final veneer humidity is usually 5%-10%, which is suitable for making the final product.

How is it different from traditional veneer dryers?

They are different from traditional veneer dryers. First, traditional veneer dryers use hot air to dry veneers. In contrast, mesh veneer dryers use different drying methods, including steam, infrared radiation and hot air. These methods help dry veneer faster and more efficiently.

The device is massive and contains tens of thousands of parts. Different choices of parts brands will directly cause large differences in production costs. Our veneer dryers use advanced technology to dry veneer faster and more efficiently, producing high quality and consistent veneer. We are confident to say that all parts are of high quality and high level. Therefore, the entire production line is indeed of good quality, long life and good working conditions. To learn more about our products, click Contact Us!

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