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What Do You Know about Four Roller Veneer Glue Spreader

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Xinhuacheng 4-roller glue applicator has been proven in the industry for many years - the four-roller system provides very fine and even glue coverage on both sides of the entire width of the board, compensating for any differences in uncalibrated panels. Gluing machines are often used for coating veneers in wood or furniture manufacturing, or for coating parquet or other flooring. Products coated with this machine range from parquet floors to cork, wood, laminated chipboards, insulation, MDF and HDF and even composite materials.

Definition of 4-foot veneer glue applicator

Xinhuacheng four-roller veneer gluing machine features a rugged and durable stainless steel construction that can withstand the harsh environments of daily use in the wood processing industry. Our four-roller veneer coating machines also feature adjustable coating thickness settings to help ensure consistent and accurate coating application. The adjustable gap between the rollers can be conveniently set by the operator according to the specific requirements of the veneer to ensure optimal glue coverage without unnecessary waste.

The equipment uses large-diameter thickened high-precision rubber rollers with good rigidity and even glue coating. It has a separate gear transmission box with good stability, low noise and long service life. The rubber roller is clamped and lifted using a starting device, which is safe, fast and convenient. The speed of the main rubber roller and output frame can be adjusted individually to adapt to different working conditions. It is equipped with an emergency stop device to prevent accidents and effectively protect the safety of operators.

glue applicator

The importance of using a high-quality veneer gluer

These plywood gluers are one of the widely used tools in any woodworking shop. This equipment is very important for obtaining a uniform and consistent veneer surface. It is designed to evenly distribute glue over the surface of the veneer. This will ensure that the veneer adheres properly to the substrate. There are different types available, depending on your needs. The main things to remember are the quantity required, the type of adhesive required, and the frequency of application.

Features of 4ft veneer glue spreader

1.It has various uses,it can be used for core veneer,muti-layer board,plywood,blockboard and so on.

2.It has coating averagely,high productivity,save glue,save staff and sve cost.

3.Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.

4.The safety device is able to iimmediate stop the machine whenever the danger occurred.

5.Rubber roller is made by the high quality natural rubber,the squeeze oller is chromate treatment seamless steel pipe,hhte roller surface is covered by stainless steel,never has the rust bec of glue corrosion.

Benefits of using a 4ft veneer glue spreader

1. Consistency – One of the biggest advantages of using this machine is its consistency. This tool distributes the glue evenly over the surface, ensuring there are no gaps or uneven distribution. This means your veneer will stay firmly in place and won't lift or peel easily over time.

2. Saves time - Applying glue by hand, especially when working on large surfaces, can be time-consuming and messy. The veneer glue applicator can quickly apply glue to the surface in large quantities, saving the operator's time and energy.

3. High cost performance - Every business will consider the cost issue. The equipment is a one-time investment and can be used for many years. It also helps reduce the amount of glue needed, which can save you money over time by spreading the glue evenly.

4. Easy to operate - This tool works by spreading glue evenly on the surface of the veneer and does not require special skills or extensive training to use. All you have to do is load up the glue and spread it evenly over the surface to achieve a perfect finish easily and effortlessly.

Xinhuacheng offers the right solution anytime simple, reliable handling with rollers for glue application is needed – from simple glue spreading in the workshop to series production machinery for industrial production lines, we offer the right machine to meet your needs.

Xinhuacheng produces various veneer glue coating machines, veneer rotary cutting machines and other related products. The four-roller veneer gluer for plywood production has the addition of two steel squeeze rollers. The distance between the squeeze roller and the sizing roller is adjustable to control the amount of glue applied. For more product information, please click to contact us!

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