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Veneer Patching Machine - Plywood Equipment

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The veneer patching machine can automatically repair veneer defects, especially during the production process of artificial board plywood. In the woodworking industry, this equipment has become a key tool for improving the quality and efficiency of wood processing.

What is a Veneer Patching Machine?

The veneer patching machine uses pressing molds, molds and upper and lower punches to automatically complete all repair work in one working process, filling a gap in the industry. Quickly switch between two different patch sizes. Veneers can be repaired effectively, quickly and seamlessly, ensuring the final product meets the required quality standards.

Veneer Patching Machine

How the device works

These machines work by cutting out damaged areas of veneer and replacing them with new ones. The software running on these panel repair machines performs automated quality control and classifies defects to ensure precise, accurate repair work. The machine is equipped with blades that cut the surface of the board into precise shapes that match the dimensions of the damaged area. The user then inserts the matching panel patch into the cutout area and secures it in place with adhesive.

Benefits of using veneer patching machine

The advantages of using a veneer refinishing machine are numerous, but here are some of the main ones.

Improve efficiency

By automating the veneer repair process, the machine reduces the need for manual labor and increases the speed and accuracy of the repair process. For a long time, most plywood manufacturers in my country have used manual repair methods, and then manually filled paper tape or hot melt glue. The process material cost and labor cost are also time-consuming, depending on whether the appearance is significantly affected after repair. This equipment not only gets the job done faster, but also does it more precisely, ensuring a higher quality product.

Reduce waste

The equipment produces less sawdust and waste than manual repairs, which means cost savings and a cleaner shop environment.

Enhanced quality control

This equipment is suitable for repairing various types of trees and veneers of different thicknesses, improving the grade and quality of these boards. The machine’s advanced software accurately detects and classifies panel defects, ensuring each repaired panel meets required quality standards.

Reduce manufacturing cost

Since the veneer patching machine requires minimal labor, its operation is simple and its repair speed is high, saving a lot of manpower and reducing production costs. Therefore it is a cost-effective solution


During the production process of man-made boards and plywood, the demand for board materials has increased due to the natural defects of the boards. XHC machines provide various types of veneer patching machines and various types of plywood production equipment. Please take a look at some of our products, and there are some discounts for us!

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