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Wholesale Veneer Dryer Supplier

The veneer drying equipment directly dries the logs and has achieved good results.


Veneer Dryer Machine Supplier


1. Efficient drying process:

The drying speed is fast, which is more than ten times faster than conventional drying. Good drying quality and few drying defects. When the wood is heated at high frequency, the temperature is uniform, and if the drying process is well controlled, the wood can be dried without internal cracks, surface cracks and end cracks, so that there will be no loss in the drying process of the wood.

2. Customizable drying conditions:

It is more suitable for drying of square wood, difficult-to-dry materials, heavy materials and mahogany. Wood that is difficult to dry or cannot be dried by other methods can be solved by high frequency vacuum drying.

3. Energy efficiency:

Energy saving and environmental protection, there is no "three wastes" pollution, improve the working environment and reduce labor intensity. Both the high-frequency generator and the drying tank are well shielded, and the electromagnetic radiation is below the standard.

4. Easy to use:

The drying process is simple, different from other complex drying processes such as humidity adjustment and balance. It is only in the heating, drying and termination stages. The process is simple and easy to master, and workers at the technical secondary school level can operate it. In addition, it can realize single-unit automation and multi-unit control automation.

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