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Veneer Drying Press Machine

Specializing in plywood production line. We have our own designers to meet any of your requirement.Welcome to inquiry.


Veneer Press Dryer For Factory Use

1: Use

Solid press core veneer dryer also called breathe type veneer dryer. This machine is suitable for core veneer drying. It will press the veneer during drying like hot press machine so that it can make the core veneer with much flatter surface. It can dry any core veneer whose thickness is above 1mm, especially suitable for thick veneer drying. Oil and steam can both be the heating source. Good drying effect and easy-operation make solid press dryer to be the best choice for plywood making.

2: Technical Data



Nominal pressure


Hot plate size


Product dimensions

4x8 feet



Opening number


Plunger cylinder diameter


Working stroke


Working pressure




Closing speed


Overall size


8 Features

1. Our machine's most of electrical components selection of Schneider or Chinese famous brand, main parts have option has CE authentication products.

2. Our machine's Steel plate are based on the pressure's requires to custom, to achieve our commitment pressure, quality assurance.

3. The upper and lower pliers by the gantry milling finishing, to ensure absolute formation.

4. The use of hydraulic system work, lifting speed, pressure uniformity, high efficiency.

5. With overpressure automatic control circuit and pressure off the oil protection, automatic lift, automatic oil off.

6. Fast and efficient pressing, emergency safety braking, trip limited device.

7. Automatic compression and unloading pressure function.

8. Workbench height convenient worker operation.

Veneer drying Machine Advantage

1.The hydraulic cold press work noise is small, fast lifting speed, strong pressure stability, low maintenance rate.

2. The whole structure is compact, beautiful atmosphere, stable performance, durable.

3. Because foreign voltage different our country's voltage, most domestic manufacturers only change the motor, do not care about other electrical components, when clients using cold presser machine in his factory , the electrical components easy to have fever phenomenon , at last to burn down. Our cold presser will not happen. 

4. Working quality to be good, pressing fast and efficient.

5. Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance.

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