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Core Veneer Hot Press Dryer

Our products has strong technical advantages and competitive price and trustworthy services.We have our own Sales and After Sales Service team who has 20 years experiences, professional with woodworking machinery's production, installation, operation and maintenance.


Hot Press Core Veneer Drying Machine

Through many years' practice and continuous improvement, we introduced newest model veneer drying hot pressing machine with the advantages of much more convenient, high efficiency and energy-saving. It is generally used in core veneer's dehumidification, drying and leveling.

Production of plywood veneer dryer is the main equipment. Just peeling off the veneer moisture content is very high, veneer drying machine is mainly used for drying veneer, which is based on the economy, and the loss of the smallest on the plate means to reduce the moisture content of the board to reach process requirements.

Main Features

1) Hot platen

Drilled from excellent solid steel hot platen and it is high precision, high strength and durable.

2) Heating system

Can be heated by steam boiler, oil heater or electric oil heater and the steam boiler is low in cost and suitable for common production.

3) Cylinder

Made from excellent carbon solid steel and it is high strength and durable.

4) Control system

PLC control , can close same time or choose half open and half close. keep the balance pressure, save time, improve efficiency.

4 Advantages

1. The machine adopts lever spring simultaneous closures system, which makes each core veneer closed simultaneously

2. After special processing, hot platen has a favorable tide exhaust tank on both sides, which makes veneer exhaust wet gas fast and efficiently.

3. The self-developed PLC system can set the number and time of exhaust wet gas according to the humidity of core veneer.

4. Oil cylinder is easy to maintain, and also its failure rate is low. Besides, it adopts a upper cylinder mode.

Note: This is only one of our plywood dryer machine as a conference.

We can design new equipments according to customers’ requirements Application:

Some Questions About Core Veneer Hot Press Dryer

1. Can you customize products for clients?

Yes, We can customize and produce woodworking machines according to the customer’s requirements or drawings.

2. How can we trust your factory?

We recommend that you come to our factory to know the goods,  verify the real situation of the products, and know more about our factory.

3. Why does the price often change?

The price depends on the latest prices of the raw materials.

4. What about the contract signing?

If you’re satisfied with the products and our service, you can sign the contract with us, pay the deposit. Then we’ll produce the machines as soon as possible. If you are far away, we can sign the contract by fax. We will ensure the quality of the products and the accessories are complete.

5. How about delivery?

When the product is ready, it can be delivered to you after your full payment. We’ll provide technical guidance.




Nominal gross pressure


Layers counting

10 openings

Distance between hot platens


Hot platens dimension


Number of plunger oil cylinders




Plate type

Steel pipe

Empty closing time


Machine weight

About 25000Kgs

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