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Uses And Applications of Veneer Core Dryer Machine

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Wood drying is a time-consuming job, so it is important to dry the wood properly to avoid any defects. Traditional wood drying can take anywhere from a few weeks to more than half a month, depending on the type of wood, the thickness of the wood, and the humidity and temperature of the environment. The wood drying process is energy intensive as it requires a large amount of heat to maintain the wood at the desired temperature.

An innovation in the woodworking industry is changing the way wood is dried. The veneer core dryer is an innovative and efficient solution to the traditional wood drying process.

Roller Dryer for Core Veneer

What is a Roller Dryer for Core Veneer?

The xhcwoodmachine veneer drum dryer is a dryer specially designed for core veneer drying. Stripped from fresh logs using rotary cutters, these dryers are responsible for reducing the moisture content to the proper condition before gluing for use in plywood manufacturing. Core veneer is primarily used in the plywood industry as the core layer of the plywood, providing support and strength. The working width and working length of the dryer can be customized according to the specific drying capacity requirements required by different customers.

The paper feeding into the dryer needs to be continuous, so you should pay close attention to the pile coming from the lathe. Additionally, rapid operator response when removing possible trash or unwanted particles is critical to achieving a high-quality, continuous process. Overlapping veneers has been proven to increase drying capacity, thereby maximizing production.

Roller dryer for core veneer are a fast, efficient drying solution that are popular in the woodworking industry. It works by using continuously rotating rollers through which the core veneer is passed and heat is applied to the wood. This allows heat and drying to be evenly distributed throughout the board.

The number of sections in the heating chamber can be increased or decreased according to the user's production requirements, so as to obtain maximum production capacity with minimum investment. The core veneer dryer is divided into two heating zones, and the hot air fans in the two heating chambers are arranged separately to ensure that the final moisture content of the veneer after drying at each point is the same.

Advantages of Using a Roller Dryer for Core Veneer

1. Fast and efficient drying

As mentioned above, traditional drying methods can take anywhere from several weeks to more than half a month to complete. However, with core veneer roller dryer drying time is significantly reduced to just a few hours. This fast and efficient drying process increases yields and ultimately revenue.

2. Improve the quality of core single boards

Core veneer roller dryers provide an even and consistent drying process, and in the long run you need to ensure that the veneer drying line is properly and continuously maintained so that conditions remain the same regardless of other factors. Prevent defects such as cracking, warping and splitting. This improves the quality of the core veneer to ensure high quality production and final product.

3. Energy saving

Tumble dryers use less energy compared to traditional drying methods. The machine uses hot air circulation to dry the wood, reducing the energy required to maintain desired temperature and humidity levels. This can significantly reduce energy usage and ultimately save costs for manufacturers.

The roller dryer is one of the important drying machines in the plywood production process. It is specially designed for core board drying. Our veneer tumble dryers adopt the latest international pressure contact technology. The board is pressed and moved forward during ironing. The steam roller dryer consists of feeding, heating, cooling and discharging parts. Our equipment uses high-quality high-purity electrochemical graphite bearings, which are made of reliable materials, reasonable formulas, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, not easy to break, and durable. To learn more about our products, click Contact Us!

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