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Types of Veneer Peeling Machine

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Veneer is an important building material used in furniture, paneling and cabinetry. Special machines are used to peel thin wood chips from the logs. It is then dried, sorted and glued together to make plywood and other wood products. The veneer peeling machine is used to continuously transport logs, adjust the position of the logs and peel veneers from the logs. There are many types of this device. In this article, we will first focus on rotary cutters and spindleless veneer peeling machine.

Veneer Peeling Machine

rotary cutting machine

working principle

The boards are transported to a storage area and the entire log is mounted on a lathe and turned against a blade. The rotary cutting or "bark" of the log produces a continuous veneer.

In rotary slicing, the operation is performed by rotating the log onto a fixed blade. The equipment can be used to process wood, produce wood veneers, and produce wood chips by rotating wood. Wood paper is a material used in the production of plywood, wooden furniture, upholstery, and more. And can handle larger diameter logs. Depending on the type of wood, there are hardwoods and softwoods such as beech, birch, poplar, pine, etc. Depending on the type of wood, the requirements for the rotary cutter are also different. Boards cut in this way produce different patterns when successive layers of growth rings are cut. The width of the rotary cut is sufficient to produce a complete (single) panel.

 Spindleless Veneer Peeling Machine

Spindleless Veneer Peeling Machine

working principle:

Just grab the end of the log and spin it onto the rotating blade. As the logs rotate, blades peel off the veneers and transport the boards to a storage area.

Used after log debarker. The thickness of the core board is 0.8-3.0mm. Suitable for different wood types and different wood sizes. The machine uses a series of hydraulic cylinders to clamp and turn logs and can handle smaller diameter logs. The shaftless veneer rotary cutting machine is highly efficient, can produce high-quality boards, and can operate automatically and continuously. They can also produce thinner wood than rotary veneer machines.

The output and quality of these boards are directly related to the output and quality of plywood. Therefore, the performance and operation of the veneer peeling machine have an important impact on the production of plywood. We specialize in the production and sales of various types of plywood machinery and equipment. In addition, we also accept OEM and ODM, with good service, perfect quality and short delivery time. You can click on the page navigation bar to contact us and get in touch with us!

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