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Solving The Problem Of Missing Boxes By MSK

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-16      Origin: Site

Bursting, lack of containers, and price increases are like three-piece suits on the bed. Due to these special circumstances, many shipping companies charge empty cabin charges for refunds caused by non-shipping reasons, such as TSL, SITC, HPL For many shipowners, including Jinjiang and Jinjiang, the specific amount ranges from USD50/100 to USD300 according to the time of customs clearance. On the one hand, China’s export volume is growing strongly, and on the other hand, major US ports are nearly paralyzed. The current trade imbalance in trans-Pacific routes is extremely prominent, and the lack of containers in the market is becoming increasingly severe.

The continued shortage of containers has further exacerbated the lack of capacity in the market, and the freight rates of most routes have increased, which has pushed up the comprehensive index.

In summary, due to the decline in capacity, freight rates have risen. Due to the decrease in Chinese imports, there is a shortage of containers. Nowadays, the demand of various countries is rising, and the supply of containers is even more in short supply. Therefore, the shipping price can only be adjusted and adjusted again and again. Maersk is considering opening up cooperation in advance, perhaps more to solve the congestion of US ports and the large number of containers in the local area. The problem. According to the agreement, the two parties will also build a transshipment and distribution facility to further ensure that Maersk's containers can quickly enter and exit the Port of Vancouver. The transshipment facility will also be an expansion of CP's existing multimodal transport facility in the Port of Vancouver.

In this regard, CP stated that the new facility will help Maersk to transport empty containers back to Asia and any destinations in need more quickly. CP also emphasized: “We have enough scale to be able to transport goods directly between the wharf and the transfer station by means of rail.”

Earlier, regarding the serious shortage of boxes, Maersk had issued an announcement saying that the current global supply chain operation is experiencing unprecedented challenges. Maersk is constantly communicating with customers and partners, seeking various solutions to speed up the dispatch of empty containers, including optimizing the dispatch of empty containers, and negotiating container leasing plans with neighboring container factories.

Maersk predicts that many countries around the world are experiencing national blockades caused by the second outbreak of the epidemic, and the shortage of empty containers is expected to continue. Especially the export bookings of Chinese ports have to face cancellation or cancellation of bookings due to the shortage of containers. Delayed shipment.

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