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Plywood Paving Machine For Multilayer Board

Plywood paving machine for multilayer board is our main product,welcome to inquiry.


High Efficiency Core Veneer Paving Machine

The paver adopts hydraulic computer frequency conversion automatic control technology and fixed-length automatic sawing function. The cutting precision is high and can be set arbitrarily. Its advantages are low cost, material saving, labor saving, easy management, environmental protection, sound insulation, etc. Suitable for large-scale factory operations.

5 Advantages

1. The plywood paver is used for multi-layer boards, building templates, and furniture boards. It has the advantages of reducing costs, saving materials, reducing personnel, easy management, and no noise.

2. The plywood paver takes a step forward in wood-based paving technology. It can be divided into guillotine and cutting type, the thickness can be cut 5mm-100mm.

3. The length is 18 meters, 24 meters, 30 meters, and 36 meters, depending on the needs of the plant.

4.  Accurate positioning of the plate, neat stacking, efficient plank, saving labor and time.

5.  Reduce the turnover rate of semi-finished products and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Parameters As Following

Specification and type


Worktable width


Worktable point elevation(max)


Worktable point elevation(min)


Lifting capacity


Lifting height(max)


Stacking veneer number


Diameter of cylinder


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