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Plywood Most Popular Product--veneer dryer

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Veneer dryer is one of the most important stages in veneer making. During the manufacturing process of plywood, it is exposed to high temperatures during drying and pressing. By selecting drying, high-quality sheets with uniform moisture content can be obtained, which can be further processed into final products such as plywood, sheets, and LVL to ensure output quality, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, and increase output. costs and achieve good benefits.

The 4 decks automatic dryer is the product of continuous research and development. The equipment is equipped with high-precision components and fixtures, making it a reliable and fully functional system. It includes 15-section heating and drying chambers, 2-section cooling chambers, two sets of speed-regulating transmission systems, feeding rollers, publishing rollers, and dehumidification systems. It is a precision machine designed to achieve optimal veneer drying results without compromising the quality of the final product. The machine uses a highly developed control system to manage drying temperature and humidity levels, ensuring accurate and even drying of veneers.

veneer dryer

Advantages of Veneer Dryer

1. High efficiency

Excessive moisture in the veneer will affect the spread of glue on the surface of the veneer. Wrong materials will cause blistering, glue penetration, degumming and other phenomena. The equipment is made of special steel pipes with an outer diameter of 100 mm. The upper and lower rollers are driven by specially designed gears to ensure the synchronization of transmission speed under different plate thicknesses. The rolling bearings adopt high-quality and high-purity electrochemical graphite bearings.

2. Save energy

One of the significant advantages of our veneer dryer is that it can reduce drying time by up to 50%. Compared to traditional veneer dryers, the drying process can take up to several days, resulting in higher energy costs and reduced output. The machine shortens drying time, thereby reducing energy costs and increasing output while saving energy costs.

3. Cost savings

Another significant advantage of these veneer dryers is the machine’s ability to handle a wide range of board thicknesses, from thin to thick veneer. Using high drying temperatures reduces drying time and increases productivity. The thickness of the board is small and the drying speed is fast. Reducing drying time and energy consumption offers the woodworking industry huge economic potential, making production processes leaner and more efficient.

four-layer drum veneer dryer

The spray box of this equipment is made of variable-section galvanized sheet. The hot air injection speed of each nozzle hole in the length direction is consistent to ensure that the final moisture content of the veneer is uniform. The guide corrugated nozzle plate designed with imported technology can effectively prevent plate clogging. Our company's four-layer drum veneer dryer adopts the latest pressurized contact veneer drying technology, which has the advantages of simple operation, safety and practicality, stable operation, and convenient maintenance. It can complete hot pressing, leveling, and drying at one time. The application of hot air circulation has greatly reduced the company's operating costs, improved plate quality, and increased output.

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