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Maintenance Of Wooden Furniture

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Our home furniture with long time is easy to lose their original luster, look look old some, such as wooden furniture surface can brush a layer of varnish, if lose luster, that inadvertently hashing is easy to scratch them, so the cleaning and maintenance is essential for furniture, and it is very important.

1. Keep it moist

Of dining-room table and chair moist cannot rely on moisture to provide, that is to say cannot be wiped simply with dishcloth light.

Semi-dry dishcloth is wiped although the dust that can wipe the surface so is clean, but actually the lacquer layer that this meeting lets furniture surface loses burnish, dim slowly, the word that swabbed so for long is the beautiful sex that can affect furniture.

Therefore we can use special furniture maintenance oil to maintain, it contains the oil that is easy to be absorbed by wood fiber, can lock the moisture in wood, prevent wood dry crack deformation, at the same time nourish wood, from inside to outside make wood furniture to put luster again, prolong the service life of dining room tables and chairs.

2, to avoid direct sunlight

Whether wood or leather furniture, if we put them in the sun for a long time, then they are prone to discoloration and fading, wood is too dry, prone to cracks and other phenomena.

Therefore, when we are arranging furniture, it is best not to put them in the position of direct sunlight, or we can install a few curtains on the window edge, so that we can reduce the harm of intense direct sunlight to furniture.

3, to prevent dust

A few high-grade home have exquisite carvings adornment, anaglyph, if cannot regularly clean divide ash, accumulate ash to affect easily in tiny aperture beautiful.

When furniture surface already touched a lot of dirt or besmirch when, must remove them in time.

If there is no cleaning for half a year, the furniture is easy to accumulate dust, so when the time comes to clean it will be very laborious and time-consuming.

Dust is easy to fly into the home when you open the window for ventilation, so you should clean the home regularly.

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